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Paul Fiorino's Biography

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Full Name:

Paul Noel Fiorino




2 Children

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Jamaica, Queens, NY

Home City:

Denver, CO



Diploma, Douglas County High School, 1973

Candidate, Governor of Colorado, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2022

Candidate, United States Senate, Colorado, 2016

Sole Proprietor/Director, Ballet Arts Center/Theatre, 1993-2010

Host, Producer, Denver Community Television, 2003-2006

Faculty, Colorado College/Colorado State University, 1990-1991

Principal Artist, Denver, Dallas, Tel-Aviv, Israel, New Orleans and New York City, 1975-1989

Lecture/Demonstrator, New York City Ballet Education Department, 1980-1984

Manager, Ruffian Restaurant, 1974-1976

Sales and Service, Air-Clean Grease and Air Filter Incorporated, 1970-1974

President, Golden Triangle Museum District, 2008-present

President/Chair, Colorado Arts Consortium, 2005-2010

Member, Denver Musicians Association Local, 2005-2009

State Delegate, Clear Creek, Democratic State Primary, 2008

State Business Chair, National Republican Committee, 2002-2004

Appointed Board Member, Member, Governor Owens Physical Fitness and Health, 1998-2002

President Emeritus, Golden Triangle Arts District, 1993-2000

Commissioner, Mayor Wellington Webb Office of Art, Culture and Film, 1985-1989

President, Kennedy Center's Colorado Alliance for Arts Education, 1983-1987

Commissioner, Mayor Federico Pena Arts Commission, 1980-1984

President, Douglas County Arts Council, 1978-1979

President, Douglas County High School, 1972-1973

President/Chair, Douglas County Junior High, 1969-1970

President, 4-H Club in Douglas County, 1966-1968


Channel 7 ABC affiliate EVERYDAY HERO 2000

Current Car:

1992 Pontiac Transport

Date of Wedding Anniversary:

March 5, 1977

Father's Name:

Emilio E. Fiorino WWII Veteran

Father's Occupation:

Architect/retired Artist/Photographer

Favorite Actor/Actress:

Jeremy Brett/Charlize Theron

Favorite Athlete:

Alexi Grewal USA Cycling Gold medalist 1984

Favorite Author:

Michael Crichton

Favorite Book:

Three Cups of Tea

Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:

Pork Chops/Loin w/Rice & salad

Favorite Movie:

The Natural

Favorite Musician:

Neil Young

Favorite President and Why:

John F. Kennedy saw him at the Air Force Academy in 1963 Portrait in Courage

Favorite Quote:

"Try, Try Again" W.E. Sisty 59er Colorado Pioneer

Favorite Sport:

Cycling/Broncos Football

Favorite TV Shows:

Dancing With the Stars, Modern Family, Charlie Rose & Tavis Smiley

Favorite Type of Music:

Classical to Bluegrass

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Brookvale Colorado

Favorite Websites:


First Car:

1969 Fiat 4 door

First Job:

Assistant/ Parker Press & Horse Handler

Hobbies or Special Talents:

Guitar & harmonica Singer/songwriter juggling

Mother's Name:

Madeleine Turgeon

Mother's Occupation:

Opera singer/Choral Director

Name one thing you would most like to do before you die:

Visit the Brookvale's in Australia, England and Upstate New York

Names of Grandchildren:

none yet

Number of Grandchildren:


Personal Hero and Why:

Victims of Guillian-Barre Syndrome because I personally know what they go through

Pets (include names):

Luna & Stimpy Cats

Priority Issues:

Education teaching teachers to teach for the 21st century
Health and fitness through dance awareness through education
Reform campaign finance and elections/ public financing of elections
Environmental leadership through sustainable living and new energy
Tourism in culture, arts, history, agriculture, fish & wildlife and medical


The Week, Time and National Geographic

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

I love Colorado and it is time for a 55 year old father, businessman, arts advocate
and unaffiliated candidate involved with education and preservation of our environment to serve the diverse people of this State for a better quality of life.

Spouse's Occupation:

Mother of my children is an R.N.