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Ami Bera's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)



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Ami Bera has failed to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2020 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart and voters like you.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2020.

  • Rated 100% by Planned Parenthood Action Fund. (
  • "As a physician, Bera understands that a woman's decisions about her health care should be between her and her doctor and that it is wrong for politicians to threaten women's healthcare to score political points." (
  • "So I was especially alarmed by what some Washington politicians chose to focus on--especially during a week that's supposed to be focused on women's health. Instead of promoting access to care for all women, they pushed H.R. 36 - a radical assault on women's health care. This bill threatens a woman's access to health care, even in cases of rape and incest." (
  • "The tax reform that passed at the end of 2017, is bad for middle-class Americans and bad for Californians. Not only does it add an additional $1 trillion to the deficit, but it favors corporations and the wealthy in this country over the middle class working families of America. We need tax reform that allows middle class families to not just get by but thrive in our ever-evolving economy." (
  • Rated 90% by the Alliance for Retired Americans. (
  • "Dr. Bera has treated hundreds of patients who depend on Medicare and Medicaid and knows that these two programs save lives. He’s stood up to those who want to privatize Medicare and is working across party lines to reduce waste, abuse, and fraud in Medicare to strengthen and protect it for future generations." (
  • Endorsed by National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. (
  • "I'm proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United, and will continue to fight for true campaign finance reform that gets the dark money out of Washington, and puts the will of the people first!" (
  • "Like Americans across the country, I was horrified by the murder of George Floyd. His death -- and the deaths of others at the hands of police brutality - should never have happened," said Rep. Bera. "Thousands of Americans of different ages and races have marched across the country and in our hometown of Sacramento to demand justice for Mr. Floyd's death and for structural change to a criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts Black Americans. We have a long way to go to reach full justice and racial equality, but today's vote is an important first step." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 7120 - George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020. (
  • "We need to work together to give our military and intelligence agencies the tools they need to keep us safe, and also protect and defend the ideals that define us as the world’s greatest democracy." (
  • Rated 16% by the Center for Security Policy. (
  • Signed a letter stating: "Preserving the agreement in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 that required increased spending to be spread evenly between defense spending and non-defense discretionary accounts which have both been harmed by the ongoing sequester;" (
  • "I am proud to have voted today for the National Defense Authorization Act #NDAA, which provides a much-needed pay increase (3.1%) to our brave service men and women while funding a strong and smart #NationalSecurity strategy." (
  • "Congressman Bera believes the United States should continue to invest in future infrastructure, and that means funding Sacramento's long term success." (
  • "Instead, we need to work together and find common ground to strengthen and protect Medicare and Social Security, and invest in innovation, education, and manufacturing to create new American jobs. We also need to address our debt and deficit so that our children aren't buried under a mountain of debt." (
  • "I will continue to fight for pragmatic, responsible solutions that strengthen Medicare, make investments to grow our economy, and address our debt. That's what Sacramento County families want and deserve." (
  • Voted in favor of H.R.22 "Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act" (
  • "The tax reform that passed at the end of 2017, is bad for middle-class Americans and bad for Californians. Not only does it add an additional $1 trillion to the deficit, but it favors corporations and the wealthy in this country over the middle class working families of America. We need tax reform that allows middle class families to not just get by but thrive in our ever-evolving economy. Reform that gives our working middle-class critical deductions and allow Americans to save as well as invest in the future, which is why as your Congressman, Dr. Bera will continue to work towards tax reform that benefits middle-class families." (
  • "Close corporate loopholes. For years, our federal tax policy has been laden with loopholes that allow the rich to get richer, while siphoning off billions of dollars that could be helping middle class American families and small businesses. We need to expose corporate loopholes and close down offshore tax havens, so that corporations and their executives pay their fair share." (
  • "I have heard from countless #CA07 small business owners in desperate need of help. The #PaycheckProtectionProgram has provided vital relief to our small businesses impacted by #COVID19, but some requirements under #PPP are hard for our businesses to meet." (
  • "End bailouts, golden parachutes, and outrageous CEO bonuses. Oversized financial institutions and their executives have been rewarded for recklessness for too long. Taxpayers must never again be responsible to bailout massively consolidated—"too big to fail"—banks, while CEOs get away scot-free with Golden Parachutes and million-dollar bonuses." (
  • "I was proud to cosponsor and vote today for the bipartisan #PPP Flexibility Act, which makes important changes to this program to make it more accessible and useful to #CA07 small businesses, the backbone of our economy. I urge the Senate to immediately take up this bill." (
  • "Joined w/ both Rs & Ds to replace flawed No Child Left Behind" (
  • "Every school must be a place where every student can learn. And without world-class standards in school, America's future is threatened. That is why education decisions must be made by parents and local school boards, not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C." (
  • Rated 100% by American Education Association. (
  • Endorsed by National Education Association. (
  • "I was proud to vote for the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act, which has been signed into law. This law replaced the punitive, one size-fits-all system of No Child Left Behind. Every Student Succeeds restores more control to state and local education leaders. States now have the ability to shape their own accountability systems to best fit their academic strengths and challenges. It also includes strong safeguards to ensure underserved and high-need students get the support they deserve." (
  • "That is why Dr. Bera supports strategic policies and investments to promote this crucial transition from a carbon-based and energy dependent economy to one that is clean, self-sufficient, and can generate millions of good-paying jobs across every skill and education level." (
  • "Transitioning to renewable energy will both create jobs and enhance our national security, and I will ensure that Sacramento County is a leader in this essential industry." (
  • "The path to a new clean energy economy requires notable increases in energy efficiency and greater access to renewable energy sources. To achieve this we will need to invest in multiple sectors of our economy." (
  • "Absolutely climate change is important. I think that the Department of Defense has for a long time acknowledged that climate and, you know, having renewable and alternative fuel sources is going to be incredibly important to them." (
  • "The transition from a carbon-based to a clean energy future will not happen overnight, and so we must continue to explore the smartest and safest measures to maximize domestic oil and natural gas production." (
  • "Absolutely climate change is important. It's a national security threat. I think that the Department of Defense has for a long time acknowledged that climate and, you know, having renewable and alternative fuel sources is going to be incredibly important to them." (
  • "Putting America first means continuing our role as a global leader in reducing carbon emissions. Our work over the last decade to reduce carbon emissions put America first -- and this irresponsible executive order throws into uncertainty how we prepare for and tackle the very real consequences of climate change." (
  • Signed a letter stating "Our nation has suffered at least 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre. The factors allowing these rampages are no mystery: loopholes in the background check laws, straw purchases, restrictions on law enforcement, and gaps in our mental health system." (
  • " 'I've been a strong supporter of preventing suspects on the FBI's terror watch list from buying guns, and I've co-sponsored legislation in Congress to do just that,' said Representative Ami Bera. 'I'm proud to co-sponsor the bipartisan bill to close the "no fly, no buy' loophole, and it's a common-sense step forward in keeping our families safe that is long overdue.' " (
  • "Like many Americans, Dr. Bera is extremely alarmed by the rise in gun violence in our country. That is why in Congress he has been a strong proponent for commonsense gun laws and responsible gun ownership. This means conducting background checks on all gun purchases to ensure those with a history of domestic violence or mental illness are unable to purchase a gun, closing the gun show loophole that lets anyone purchase a gun, eliminating bump stocks which have been used in countless mass-shootings, and finally allowing the Center for Disease Control to perform basic research that can provide crucial data for preventing future gun violence." (
  • Rated 100% by Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. (
  • "While I believe this delay is the right thing to do now, and ACA is far from perfect, we cannot go back to the broken healthcare system that allowed insurance companies to reject people due to pre-existing conditions and when they get sick, to charge women higher premiums than men for the same coverage, and to jack rates whenever they want, without cause." (
  • "If this lawsuit succeeds, it is going to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no solution. None. Millions of Americans are going to lose their health insurance coverage." (
  • "I recently led ten of my colleagues who released a plan to improve the Affordable Care Act. Just a few weeks later, our plan has the support of over 80 House Democrats. We are ready and willing to come to the table with solutions. I hope to work with my Republican colleagues in the coming weeks to put patients first, cut costs, and increase the number of people insured." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 6201 - Families First Coronavirus Response Act. (
  • "As a first generation American who is a proud product of the American Dream, Dr. Bera finds Donald Trump's immigration agenda extremely dangerous. Trump has said that many Mexican immigrants are rapists and killers and he wants to charge taxpayers to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. These discriminatory and bigoted attacks, both here at home and abroad, have been carried out with the sole purpose of dividing our country and destroying the melting pot of diversity and opportunity that is the American way. Dr. Bera knows that we need immigration policy that makes our country safe and our economy strong. That means we should both strengthen our borders and encourage the best and brightest who study in the U.S. to stay, work here, and create their companies here. " (
  • "Keeping the government shutdown over a physical wall is wrong. The President repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. Experts agree that a wall is ineffective. We need real solutions like comprehensive immigration reform, not political gimmicks. Both parties can agree on border security, but prolonging a government shutdown for political purposes is wrong." (
  • "Now more than ever, Democrats and Republicans have to come together to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that secures our borders, allows our economy to grow, and ensures accountability for new American immigrants." (
  • "As the son of parents who immigrated to America in the 1950s, Rep. Bera grew up knowing the value of hard work and that America was a land of opportunity." (
  • "This decision by the Trump administration goes against our American values, plain and simple. Children brought to the United States -- through no fault of their own -- deserve our compassion. These children have passed background checks and are already contributing to our economy as productive residents. Detaining and deporting children is not only morally wrong, it doesn't make economic sense. I urge the administration to reverse this decision immediately." (
  • "While we need to keep all options on the table, the best strategy to deter and contain these threats is a full-scale diplomatic offensive, led by our President, and working in conjunction with our partners around the world." (
  • "For a successful denuclearization deal to take place, it's important that other regional countries like Russia, China, and Japan be engaged in the process." said Rep. Bera. "At the same time, it will require the US to reassert itself in talks to regain the momentum that was lost at the Hanoi summit between President Trump and Kim. It's also incumbent that we continue to work closely with our allies and counterparts to ensure lasting peace and security on the Korea Peninsula." (
  • "The United States must use its intelligence, military capabilities, and work with our partners around the world to control the spread of nuclear weapons and technology so that such weapons stay out of the hands of terrorist organizations and aggressor states." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "Absent credible and accurate information confirming a material breach, we are concerned that withholding certification of Iran's compliance or walking away from the JCPOA would harm our alliances, embolden Iran, and threaten U.S. national security. We are further concerned that non-certification based on justifications beyond the scope of the nuclear agreement would threaten global non-proliferation efforts and send exactly the wrong message to North Korea at the moment we are trying to diplomatically defuse that crisis." (
  • Rated 16% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "I remain extremely concerned and skeptical about sending any troops to Iraq unless it is to protect U.S. citizen lives and assets." (
  • "To defeat global terror networks and prevent new ones from arising, we must take a multilateral cooperative approach. That means we must utilize targeted airstrikes when necessary, dismantle their finances, and ensure our partners in the region do their part. But, we must also do a much better job of stopping and countering vicious propaganda campaign that urges attacks on innocent people by combating their use of the internet and social media to recruit new fighters." (
  • "I voted today for a bipartisan resolution condemning the President's decision to abruptly withdraw troops from #Syria. The President's decision abandons our allies, emboldens our adversaries, and puts our national security at risk." (
  • "The revised version of #USMCA is a win for the U.S. economy and American families, and will bring important jobs to California. I'm glad to see this agreement includes strong protections for American workers, enforcement mechanisms, and key environmental protections." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "American auto workers, parts suppliers and retailers, dealers, vehicle service providers, and millions of consumers depend on a healthy and competitive U.S. auto industry. As you know, this vital sector employs nearly four percent of our total private sector workforce and is a key engine that powers our economy. However, if tariffs were to be implemented, new vehicle prices will likely increase, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs." (
  • "Thank you to Sutter Home and the Sacramento County Farm Bureau for a tour of your vineyards today! It was great to discuss tariffs and trade. Too many California farmers are being hurt by President Trump’s misguided trade policies." (
  • Signed a letter stating: "As such, we believe that it is critically important that the TPP provide for an enhanced framework for protecting workers' rights to help ensure that the agreement benefits the middle class in this country and protect the rights of workers of our trading partners." (

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