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Dan Benishek's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)


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Dan Benishek has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2014 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2014.

  • Dan Benishek. Issues. 02 October 2012. "Dr. Benishek believes all human life is sacred and is committed to working to ensure that pro-life policies are enacted. (
  • Dan Benishek. H Amdt 95. 112th Congress. Prohibiting Use of Federal Funds For Planned Parenthood. Dan Benishek voted Yea on 02/18/2011. (
  • Eagle Forum. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Eagle Forum endorsed Dan Benishek in the 2010 general election. (
  • Eagle Forum. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Eagle Forum endorsed Dan Benishek in the 2012 general election. (
  • Dan Benishek. HR 3. 112th Congress. Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding of Abortion. Dan Benishek voted Yea on 05/04/2011. (
  • Dan Benishek. Representative Votes to Prevent Taxpayer Funds Being Used for Abortions. 5 May 2011. "I proudly voted today for H.R. 3, a measure that will prevent taxpayer funds being used for abortion procedures. I, like so many of my Northern Michigan neighbors, think neither the federal government nor federal tax dollars should be involved in this very controversial and intensely personal issue." (
  • Dan Benishek signed Americans for Tax Reform: Taxpayer Protection Pledge. "I, Dan Benishek, pledge to the taxpayers of the 1st district of the state of Michigan and to the American people that I will: ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal tax rate for individuals and businesses; and TWO, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing taxes." (
  • Dan Benishek. Representative Benishek To Vote In Favor of Cut, Cap and Balance Act. 19 July 2011. "My hope is that the president and the Senate will be receptive to the Cut, Cap, and Balance approach and agree on a plan that reduces federal spending, doesn't raise taxes on our job providers, and puts America back on path to job creation." (
  • Dan Benishek. Statements Congressman Benishek On The State Of The Union Address. 26 January 2011. "What we cannot do is to rely on more federal spending to try to fix the economic problems our Nation is facing. We have tried that approach with an $814 billion "stimulus" that failed to generate the 3 million jobs the Administration promised. Instead, this spending spree only served to expand the national debt to a record $14 trillion." (
  • Dan Benishek. My Prescription to Cure the Ailing Economy. 7 October 2010. "Every day as I travel Michigan's 1st Congressional District, I speak with people who have lost their jobs -- or who have a neighbor, family member, or friend who can't find work. Michigan has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country -- 14 percent -- and was recently rated the hardest state in the nation to find work in. There are 8.24 job seekers for every available position in Michigan. In contrast, Washington, D.C. -- the easiest place to find work -- only has 0.82 unemployed individuals per job opening. That is unacceptable and proves that the federal stimulus package -- containing nearly $1 trillion in spending -- has failed and stimulated nothing but government." (
  • Dan Benishek. Issues. 02 October 2012. "For years, bad policies and out-of-control federal spending advanced by both political parties have contributed to an irresponsible buildup of federal debt. This excessive debt now threatens the economic recovery and poses a fundamental challenge to the American way." (
  • Dan Benishek. Benishek: "Entrepreneurship Creates Jobs, Not The Government". 9 September 2011. "Both the Administration and Congress need to put the brakes on the spending-driven federal debt crisis that continues to stoke the flames of economic uncertainty, rein in overzealous federal regulations that have handcuffed our job creators, and reform the bloated federal tax code so individuals and businesses can keep more of their money to invest." (
  • Dan Benishek. Benishek Plan: Four Steps to Stop Washington's Runaway Spending. 20 October 2010. "Dr. Dan Benishek, candidate for Congress in Michigan's 1st District, today said he would press for Congress to take four major steps to limit federal spending and reduce the deficit: A hiring freeze on non-security positions, a ban on for-profit earmarks, a national cap on spending pegged to GDP, and operational audits." (
  • One Nation PAC. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. One Nation PAC endorsed Dan Benishek in the 2010 general election. (
  • Despite exhaustive research, Vote Smart was unable to find information about this candidate's position.
  • Dan Benishek. HR 910. 112th Congress. Energy Tax Prevention Act. Dan Benishek voted Yea on 04/07/2011. (
  • Dan Benishek. Video: Dr. Dan Benishek speaks at the Oscoda County monthly meeting . 23 April 2010/28 April 2010. "I believe in the Second Amendment because if we lose our right to bear arms we will have no rights whatsoever." (
  • Dan Benishek. Solidly 2nd Amendment. 02 October 2012. "As a sportsman for all my life, I am a strong supporter of Americans' right to bear arms for hunting and self defense. I am proud of my membership in the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America. In Congress, I am actively fighting to protect these rights." (
  • Dan Benishek. Issue Position: Second Amendment. 18 January 2012. "I believe in the individual's right to self-defense. The right to bear arms secures other rights such as freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and freedom to practice religion. If we allow disarmament of our citizens, we render our nation vulnerable to tyranny." (
  • Dan Benishek. HR 2. 112th Congress. Repealing the Health Care Bill. Dan Benishek voted Yea on 01/19/2011. (
  • Dan Benishek: "I stand behind Governor Brewer 100%". 30 June 2010. "I don't believe that rewarding those who've broken our laws with a shortcut to citizenship is fair, it is a slap in the face to those who have done things legally and who have shown respect for our laws and process. I suspect that President Obama's plan to grant citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants would fair well politically with the Democratic Party in the upcoming election, but I think that this issue shouldn't be about politics." (
  • Dan Benishek. Issue Position: Secure Borders. "Immigration must be legal and regulated and our borders must be secure. Uncontrolled access to our country increases entitlement expenses, decreases available jobs and renders us vulnerable to terrorists who want to destroy us." (
  • Dan Benishek. Statements Letter to President Obama. 9 September 2011. "This attempt to satisfy the narrow interests for the pro-amnesty lobby has ultimately earned the distrust of the greater American public. Our fear is that this policy will irreparably harm the prospects of true immigration reform for many years to come. Mr President, our request is simple: enforce our immigration laws evenly without passion, prejudice or preference." (
  • Dan Benishek. Benishek Supports English As The Official Language Of The United States. 13 July 2011. "Many areas of the First District were settled by immigrants hoping to find freedom and prosperity in our country.  That is the unique and cherished history of America"a place where anybody from anywhere can live the life they dream.  And I believe as long as immigrants enter this nation legally and follow our laws, they should be warmly welcomed," (
  • Eagle Forum. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Eagle Forum endorsed Dan Benishek in the 2010 general election. (
  • Eagle Forum. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Eagle Forum endorsed Dan Benishek in the 2012 general election. (
  • Dan Benishek. Issues. 19 January 2012. "NATIONAL DEFENSE. It is the responsibility of our federal government to provide a strong national defense to protect our nation, our liberties, and our ideals. We should honor and respect our armed services, not undermine their strength and dignity. Furthermore, we must aggressively pursue the war on terror and must try prisoners of war in military tribunals " not as citizens in our civilian courts." (
  • Dan Benishek. Issue Position: Social Security. 19 January 2012. "There should not be any reduction, freeze, or changes in the benefits provided existing retirees. This is a promise made to those over the age of 62 by their government, and it must be honored 100 percent. No ifs, ands, or buts. Period. Going forward, reforms are needed to ensure the long-term solvency of the program. These reforms should include providing younger workers with the option of investing a portion of their current Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts, similar to the retirement plan already available to federal employees. The program should also include a property right so workers can pass on these assets to their heirs." (

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