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Rod Lingsch's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)

On The Ballot: Running, Republican for U.S. House (TX) - District 37


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What is the Political Courage Test?

Texas Congressional Election 2022 Political Courage Test

Pro-life Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?
I oppose abortion and the death penalty; however, simply passing laws making them illegal does not solve the litany of problems we create surrounding these issues. We all must work together to fix many other problems tied to these issues before we can bring resolution to them. We need to fix education, give our children hope for their future, provide low-cost reproductive healthcare, promote how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and provide better alternatives to abortion.
No In order to balance the budget, do you support an income tax increase on any tax bracket?
No Do you support expanding federal funding to support entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare?
Our politicians put America $30 trillion in debt with $2.2 billion added each day. Politicians have no idea how to solve this problem and no money to fix anything. Medicare has been spending more than it brings in since 2005 and is anticipated to be bankrupt by 2025. Social security started deficit spending in 2017 and may go insolvent by 2030. Entitlements make up 80% of the federal budget with debt interest adding 11% more. No amount of taxation under our current structure will pay off the debt. My flat tax plan will pay off the debt in 4 years.
Yes Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?
If the regulation requires corporations and unions to give the exact same amount to every member for them to contribute to the campaign of their choosing with no influence or pressure from the corporations and unions. Otherwise, it should be banned completely. This is a form of campaign corruption that elitists of corporations and unions like to use to fund their interests at the expense of their members. Contributions by any individual, including elitists, must be limited to a maximum of $500 per campaign or PAC per year. I would even support a maximum of 5 contributions per year.
No Do you support the protection of government officials, including law enforcement officers, from personal liability in civil lawsuits concerning alleged misconduct?
This mindset has led to corruption and abuse. It must be law that every interaction between any government official and civilian will be audio and video recorded 100%, no excuses. We have a very serious crime problem in the U.S., but every LEO must understand their first responsibility is keeping the peace. As a LEO, I used my communication skills to deescalate aggressive offenders. Every LEO at every level of government must be bonded to cover lawsuits. If a LEO can't afford their bond due to excessive litigation, then their career ends. FBI must recommit to investigating all police shootings.
Yes Do you support increasing defense spending?
Our military should be respected by our allies and feared by our enemies. We have neither. The U.S. military must not be involved with nation-building and only has 2 missions, warfighting and providing security during peacetime. My tax structure and government reform provides $1 trillion per year for the military and $1 trillion per year for the State Department. The DOS is assigned the responsibility of nation-building and reorganized with a force of about 1 million personnel. The DOS has 2 missions in this regard, nation-building after war and infrastructure development with a treaty of emergent nations leaders.
No Do you support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth?
Yes Do you support lowering corporate taxes as a means of promoting economic growth?
Yes Do you support providing financial relief to businesses AND/OR corporations negatively impacted by the state of national emergency for COVID-19?
No, I do not support Keynesian economics. It destroyed our free-market economy and turned it into a highly regulated form of capitalism. KE is accountable for the $30 trillion debt, income inequality, and every other economic issue. Yes, I support eliminating all taxes under our current tax structure and replacing it with my fair flat tax that generated $15 trillion per year for the federal government and that amount for all states. Yes but, we should have frozen all revenue requirements of rental assets then assed financial relief. $6.3 trillion of debt was added in 2 years due to COVID.
No Do you support requiring states to adopt federal education standards?
Carter established DoEd in 1979. Before 1980, our children graduating HS, and our colleges were #1 in the world. America is no longer a top 10 destination for college education Our students come in last of all industrialized nations. If we want our educational institutions to be successful, we must get politics out of education. We did it for religion, we can do it for politics. Prior to DoEd, our schools were successful because of decentralized implementation of state standards. NCLB worked in Texas for this reason. At the fed level it?s a disaster. My education reform fixes these issues.
Yes Do you support government funding for the development of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, geo-thermal)?
No Do you support the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions?
I support funding that advances human progression. ICE vehicles have 65% efficiency, EVs 95%. Our electrical grid is 45% efficient, VPP is above 90%. Life is carbon-based. Methane and CO2 are essential to the life cycle. There are 200 species making up 5 billion ruminants, insets produce more methane than all ruminants, bacteria produce more methane than all other lifeforms. Human GHG has zero impact on climate. 100% renewable is not possible. We can spend $1 quadrillion on RE and reduce global temp 0.9?C or spend $1 trillion on CO2 capture and sequestration to maintain atmospheric CO2 at any level.
No Do you generally support gun-control legislation?
If we want to eliminate gun violence, then enforce existing laws and get criminals who use guns to commit violence off the streets. 80% of gun crimes are committed by criminals with stolen guns. America has imposed more than 30,000 gun laws on law-abiding citizens with no impact on criminals. If politicians, governors, and mayors will not respect America?s laws why would citizens. If district attorneys will not enforce laws, why would they believe crime would just go away. Liberal policies are destroying minority communities and killing law-abiding citizens. My political and criminal justice reform will resolve these issues.
Yes Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare")?
Yes Do you support requiring businesses to provide paid medical leave during public health crises, such as COVID-19?
America spends more on healthcare than any other country. ACA was supposed to fix America's healthcare problems. When ACA became law, Medicaid payments increased 30% adding $2 trillion to the federal debt. Before ACA, 92% of Americans said they were satisfied with their healthcare coverage. People saw their premiums and copay increase due to ACA regulations. ACA was supposed to make healthcare affordable for all but only increased enrollment 5.5% leaving 31 million Americans without health insurance. FMLA has worked well since 1993. My healthcare program fixes ACA problems, reduces costs, improves quality of care, and is free for children.
Yes Do you support the construction of a wall along the Mexican border?
Yes Do you support requiring immigrants who are unlawfully present to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship?
Each year, America naturalizes 1.1 million immigrants and asylum seekers, and about that many enter the U.S. illegally. 30 million people live in America illegally as low-wage workers. The 1970s Democrats complained America was stealing other countries' most valuable resource, its people. Now, Biden's BBB Act gives corporations unrestricted work visas to replace American workers with foreigners. Do politicians care about America or its citizens? I worked with CBP in Texas and Arizona, walls work. My immigration reform identifies illegal immigrants, allows them to work in the U.S. and travel to and from their home country when conditions are met.
No Should the United States use military force to prevent governments hostile to the U.S. from possessing a weapon of mass destruction (for example: nuclear, biological, chemical)?
Yes Do you support reducing military intervention in Middle East conflicts?
I affirm the principles that America should speak softly but carry a big stick. The U.S. collectively can be part of organizations to promote peace and deter war, but we can no longer afford to act unilaterally. The U.N. has proven itself to be inept and should be replaced with a more effective negotiation alliance. The Middle East must police their own, if they join NATO, America could support them for that purpose. Soon enough we may need Russia and other allies to join NATO. If NATO establishes a 10 million personnel military force, future wars could be averted.
No Do you generally support removing barriers to international trade (for example: tariffs, quotas, etc.)?
I agree with the Constitution and SCOTUS rulings that tariffs can be applied to imports and exports with foreign nations but not to the states. I support removing barriers to trade, but tariffs are an effective deterrent when utilized properly. I subscribe to John Adam's free-market principles that opening markets to domestic and international competition while giving people the freedom to produce and exchange goods as they deem necessary will promote greater prosperity than a government with stringent regulations. Keynesian economics and taxation are destroying America. My reform will repair our economy and pay off the debt in 4 years.
I want to improve everything in America, but my priorities are; reform the economy & taxation to pay off the national debt, entitlements & education to end poverty, infrastructure & criminal justice to mitigate crime. We can do nothing until the debt is under control. When entitlements make up 80% of the budget politicians must print more money to run the government, adding to the debt. America proved before when we put aside our differences and work together we can solve any problem. My reform makes America better while my flat tax provides the resources and pays off the debt.

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