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What is the Political Courage Test?

Texas Congressional Election 2024 Political Courage Test

Pro-life Do you generally support pro-choice or pro-life legislation?
Yes Do you support the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade?
I oppose abortion and support the Texas Heartbeat Act. In 1973, the extremely liberal Burger Court's overreach exceeded its authority with Roe v. Wade, resulting in more than 50 million babies never having their sacred opportunity at life. SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade was the right decision, returning the rightful authority to the states there. Due to changes in public opinion, abortions have steadily declined since 2005, even though the FDA approved the abortion pill in 2000. Now, the pill makes up 55% of all abortions in the U.S. A study by the National Academies of Sciences concluded the pill is safe for home use. I still believe all life is sacred; however, this may be a reasonable alternative to end elective abortions and mitigate the rape/incest problem. To end all forms of abortion, we must work to change the mindset of people by providing quality education for all children, giving children hope for their future, providing free reproductive healthcare, preventing unwanted pregnancies, and providing better alternatives to abortion. Research shows that children who develop a positive outlook for their future have fewer behavioral issues, are less likely to engage in risky behavior, perform better academically, and become successful in life.
No Do you support expanding federal funding to support social safety net programs such as Social Security and Medicare?
Yes Do you support a decrease in income taxes in order to balance the budget?
No Do you support a wealth tax in order to pay for public programs?
Federal analysts tell us Medicare go insolvent by 2025, and Social Security will follow by 2030 unless they can print trillions of dollars to fund the programs. Politicians put America $34 trillion in debt, adding $6.4 trillion during the pandemic and another $5.5 trillion in just the last three years. My tax reform replaces all federal and state taxes with a single tax that will raise $27 trillion annually and pay off the Fed debt within five years. My healthcare reform replaces all government healthcare programs, saving $1.6 trillion annually. My proactive healthcare programs operate in the free market, where people only pay for the medical care they need, making it affordable for every citizen. Based on what New York has done to Donald Trump and his family, the legislature in these states plan to pass a wealth tax this year. This will allow the states to conduct a forensic audit on anyone they choose. This new tax will force the wealthy to sell assets each year to pay off millions of dollars in newly assessed taxes. This will force the wealthy to pass their burden on to consumers or go bankrupt. Let's see how well this works for California and New York as people continue to flee those states.
Yes Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations, unions, and individuals?
I support the regulation of both direct and indirect campaign contributions. In 2010, the Supreme Court 5-4 landmark decision in Citizens United v. FEC declared that the indirect campaign contributions for political campaigns by corporations, nonprofit organizations, labor unions, and other associations violated Freedom of Speech under the 1st Amendment. Similarly, the 5-4 landmark decision in the 2014 SCOTUS ruling of McCutcheon v. FEC held that limiting direct campaign contributions over a two-year period violated the 1st Amendment. Unlimited campaign contributions are not Free Speech; it is the exploitation of power that corrupts our political system. When liberal elitists spend $10.2 billion to get Joe Biden elected president in 2020, your vote no longer counts. America is no longer the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers created for us. America is no longer a Democracy. It is a Plutocracy. This is why the 2022 red wave turned into a red puddle. Hundreds of thousands of disillusioned conservatives in several key states felt the political system failed them and their vote would not make a difference. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment guarantees a citizen's right to vote. When SCOTUS makes rulings, the people that we elect to Congress must take responsibility and perform their duty to rewrite campaign financing laws to stop political corruption, even if it requires a new amendment to the Constitution.
No Do you support protecting government officials, including law enforcement officers, from personal liability in civil lawsuits concerning alleged misconduct?
While the Speech or Debate Clause Constitution grants members of Congress limited privilege from arrest during their attendance at the Session of their Respective Houses, all politicians in Washington D.C. grant themselves Absolute Immunity from criminal prosecution and lawsuits. This mindset has led to corruption and abuse, particularly when one political party gains power over the other. This is why many politicians and government officials believe they can look into news cameras and lie to the American people with impunity. It is why politicians can call witnesses to testify in Congress and threaten them with a felony if they misspeak, but they sit across from those witnesses and blatantly lie to them. Even though the U.S. Constitution does not grant specific protections from criminal prosecution of any elected or appointed government official, the Supreme Court has consistently upheld they are protected while they hold office. In the 1982 landmark case Nixon v. Fitzgerald, the SCOTUS ruled that the president enjoys absolute immunity from civil litigation for official acts undertaken while in office. There have been criminal investigations into sitting presidents but no prosecutions. Judicial Immunity protects judges from harassing litigation while in the performance of their duties. The U.S. Judicial system adopted this practice from British common law. Qualified Immunity was fabricated by the Supreme Court in 1967 as a result of the case Pierson v. Ray. SCOTUS created qualified immunity to protect law enforcement officers from lawsuits if they violated a citizen's civil rights while performing their official duties. Increasingly, it seems that certain individuals exploit their immunity protections, corrupting our criminal justice and political systems at the expense of the majority of hard-working and dedicated Americans who honor their Oath of Office to protect and uphold the Constitution. This is why I advocate that every government employee and official, in the course of their duties serving the public, shall be audio and video recorded at all times, without exception. It will protect honest individuals and hopefully act as a deterrence to those who are not so inclined.
Yes Do you support increasing defense spending?
Our military should be respected by our allies and feared by our enemies. We have neither. Politicians and Defense Corporations are of the mindset that we must be perpetually at war in order to justify our Defense budget. President Biden has brought the world closer to WW III than any other president since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Democrats and the media incessantly attacked President Trump, claiming he was going to start WW III. What you never heard from our liberal media was Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times. Nominated for normalizing relations between North and South Korea. A second time for securing a peace deal between Kosovo and Serbia. A third time for normalizing relations between Israel, UAE, and Baharan. Trump's Abraham Accords was close to normalizing relations between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab nations but was interrupted by the second impeachment and the COVID pandemic. The single time President Trump committed military troops, he quickly eliminated ISIL in Syria, permitting the withdrawal of troops. President Trump successfully negotiated a peace settlement between Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani and Taliban leaders, permitting the withdrawal of our military from Afghanistan, which Biden ended when he became President. The U.S. military must not be involved with nation-building. When I was training Iraqi military pilots during our military's rebuilding of Iraq after the Second Gulf War, I was surprised by how many Iraqi Air Force officers told me that they would rather kill me than let me train them. I would look them directly in their eyes, and I could feel their hate and rage. I asked them how they could say such a thing. They always respond that I killed one of their family members. I would then ask them if their family member was in the Iraqi military and killed during combat, to which they responded yes. I would say I am not in the military; I am a civilian contractor here to train them on how to fly their military aircraft. They would respond you are American, and I will kill you. Needless to say, when I reported the incidents to my supervisor, they were quickly removed from training. America cannot be the world's military trying to police all other nations. My tax structure and military reform will provide $1 trillion yearly for the military and $1 trillion for the State Department. The U.S. military will only have two missions: warfighting and providing security during peacetime. The State Department will be reorganized with a force of one million personnel. The DOS will also have two missions: nation-building after the war and infrastructure building of developing nations by treaty with nations' leaders. Efforts must be made to deter future wars by reorganizing NATO or replacing NATO with a new coalition of nations. This new coalition must be committed to maintaining a 10 million personnel standing military ready to deploy as a deterrence to future wars.
Yes Do you support federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth (e.g. grants, tax incentives)?
No Do you support the federal government increasing funding for affordable housing programs?
No Do you support the federal government taking action, beyond those of the Federal Reserve, to alleviate inflation?
I support limited federal grants for education, science, and technology. Through this process, I want to put an end to lobbyists in Washington, D.C. Lobbyists are one of the many forms of political corruption. Corporations and special interest groups send lobbyists to D.C. to influence politicians with lavish parties, wining and dining. Then they write the bills that promote their interest and provide them to the politicians for submission as legislation. I would require corporations and special interest groups to submit all requests in writing to the appropriate government agency. After review and confirmation that the proposal is viable and in the American public's best interest, they would be invited before a committee to give a one-hour presentation. In turn, the committee would have an hour for questioning and clarification. If approved, the committee will work with the corporation or special interest group to create the appropriate legislation. My welfare reform eliminates the 83 federal and 500+ state welfare programs and replaces them with my single program, saving $2 trillion each year. I call my program the Supplemental Income Benefit, which is paid out as Supplemental Income Pay. SIP immediately lifts workers and their families out of poverty. SIB is not welfare but a wage-matching program that can increase the individual yearly earnings of a worker up to $78,300 the current GDP per Capita limit. SIB is reassessed every two years to the current GDP per Capita, so the stronger the economy, the higher the GDP per Capita and the more everyone can earn. No matter what type of work citizens are engaged in, individuals who earn less than the GDP per Capita are eligible for SIP. Citizens can be part-time, full-time, an intern, in a residency, even doing unpaid volunteer work. The SIP will match any job up to 40 hours per week and volunteer work up to 60 hours per week. Couples can both increase their yearly income through SIP; however, no individual can exceed the GDP per Capita limit. Individuals who receive SIP have it directly deposited into their bank account on the 1st and 15th of each month, separate from their employer paychecks. Receiving four paychecks each month helps promote financial stability. Therefore, there is no longer a dependence on government support, and every worker is responsible for their bills. My Unemployed Support Benefit helps people find work and provides economic support while job hunting. My Homeowner's Benefit makes homeownership easy while mitigating bankruptcy. My Small Business Benefit helps citizens start a new business. My healthcare reform makes healthcare affordable for everyone. My economic reform replaces our current overregulated form of Social Capitalism and returns it to a free market economy. These processes will stabilize our economy, control inflation, and prevent recessions while significantly limiting the scope of the Federal Reserve's authority.
No Do you support the forgiveness of federal student loan debt?
Politicians forcing Affirmative Action quotas on colleges and universities is the primary cause of America's student loan crisis. These institutions were required to hire lawyers and additional administrative staff to interpret Department of Education quota mandates, create recruitment policies, establish and maintain a system for ranking students based on race and gender, and then deal with the lawsuits once the system was implemented. As a result, most universities were required to hire thousands of administrative staff. When professors and other personnel are included, essentially, each college student pays for their tuition and the entire yearly salary of one of the university's employees. If it was not bad enough that Politicians created the student loan crisis, they had to make it much worse. In 2010, the Obama Administration nationalized the student loan market, completely removing private lenders. Politicians devised this plan, claiming it would raise them $58 billion a year to help pay for Obamacare. Needless to say, their plan did not work so well for college students and taxpayers. Shortly after the Obama administration took over, student loan defaults increased by 2.4%. Instead of creating revenue for the federal government lost $21 for every $100, costing taxpayers more than $30 billion each year. In August of 2019, college-educated women surpassed college-educated men in the workforce due to the federal government's Affirmative Action quotas illegally discriminating against Asian and White men, denying them their rightful opportunity to attend college. President Biden has exceeded his legal authority, making taxpayers pay for the poor decisions of college students who selected and graduated with worthless degrees. Despite Congress denying President Biden and the Supreme Court ruling his actions unconstitutional, Biden's loan forgiveness will cost taxpayers more than $400 billion. Asking citizens who never went to college or who were denied their opportunity due to Affirmative Action to pay for the college degrees of others is unconscionable. This is typical of democratic politicians who will sell their souls to buy votes. I spent more than ten years living and working in the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan with rockets and mortars launched at us every other day to help my three children pay off three out of their four years of college loans. I was raised a Kennedy Democrat by my mother, who, as a single parent, worked two jobs and put herself through nursing school while she raised her five children. While at College, I met Jimmy Carter, and he shook my hand. He promised all Americans a better life, so I voted for him. It did not take him long in office to see things go from bad to worse. Double-digit unemployment, double-digit inflation, empty grocery store shelves, and long lines at gas stations. At 20 years of age, I studied the entire history of the Democratic party and learned they are all criminals and liars, so I never voted Democrat again.
Yes Do you support requiring a government-issued identification in order to vote at the polls?
People cannot exist in society without a picture ID. You cannot get on an airliner, use public transportation, cash a check, take out a loan, buy alcohol, and countless other requirements without a picture ID. This is the reason all of us carry 2-3. In 2019, a college student from Austin, Texas, flew to Washington D.C. to speak before Congress on how college students, particularly minority college students, can't get picture IDs and, therefore, the voter ID requirement should be illegal because it would disproportionality impact minority voters. Not one of the congressmen challenged her lies, asking why she did not have her college-required picture ID or how she could fly on an airliner without a picture ID. Presenting a picture ID is the most efficient way a voter can make it through the verification process when they vote. It was entertaining watching Joe Biden being required to present his picture ID when he voted for himself for president. Presenting an ID is the simplest and most secure way to stop voter fraud, which is the main reason why Democrats hate the voter ID requirement. What it tells us is Democrats believe they cannot win elections without cheating. In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled 6-to-3 that states' voter ID laws were legal and did not violate the Voter's Rights Act. Since then, Dems have filed numerous lawsuits against the 34 states with voter ID laws. Lower courts hear liberal arguments and shut down state laws. Since 2008, the Supreme Court has overturned every lower-case ruling and upheld state voter ID laws. Despite SCOTUS rulings, the Obama administration's DOJ enforced a no-voter ID throughout state elections. I say, if a voter shows up to vote and does not have an ID, the states should require every voting location to have a room set up where they can have a state picture ID made up on the spot. We have all been through this process and know once the paperwork is filled out, states can verify your information within a few minutes, take your picture, and produce your ID on the spot in less than 10 minutes.
No Do you support government funding for the development of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, geo-thermal)?
Yes Do you support the federal government allowing permits for drilling on public lands?
In 2016, I read a report by the U.S. Department of Energy boasting that America reached the milestone of producing 10% of its energy production through wind and solar. However, when looking into the details, that was the rated output of the so-called green energy production. The actual output was only 3%. From the data provided by this report, I worked out the math to meet 100% of America's power grid needs with green energy, and the cost came out to $100 trillion. However, after further research, a 100% green energy grid is unobtainable. The problem is the size and scope of the grid with all the requirements to produce and maintain the grid. Once this reaches the 50% point of energy production, the cost of maintaining the grid increases exponentially. There are so many other problems. The mining, extruding, and refining of minerals to produce the solar panels and batteries needed is extremely harmful to the environment. This is why the EPA shut down this industry in the U.S. and we rely on China to produce these products. Wind and solar are unreliable and can never meet 100% of America's needs. They only produce electrical energy about 30% of the time. Solar panels have a rated efficiency of 20%. Over time, that efficiency decreases to about 10%, and the solar panels must be cleaned constantly to maintain them. Wind is worse than solar. Windmills can't produce when the winds are not blowing. This is why we have to put the along bird migration routes. Windmills are killing tens of millions of birds yearly in the U.S. Windmills kill many more bats than birds. Bats only need to fly close to the windmills as the pressure change of the rotating blades turns the bats inside out, wrapping their lungs around their body and killing them instantly. Talk about your environmental disasters. The blades of windmills were supposed to last 25 years but are being replaced after about ten years because particles of dust in the air degrade the blades. In winter, helicopters are needed to spray deicing fluid on the blades to keep them working. The fluid drops to the ground, ends up in our water supply, and harms the environment. Windmills are an environmental disaster and should be banned. The U.S. has reduced CO2 emissions by 20%, converting coal-fired plants to natural gas. America was energy independent for the first time under President Trump, and his energy policy was an economic boom for the U.S. Petroleum and natural gas are the most efficient and least expensive energy production methods. Most of the products we use in our daily lives are produced from petroleum byproducts. Despite what the leaders from non-western countries say, all are expanding their use of coal and petroleum for their energy production because it is the least expensive option. Developing countries will never give up this option for the inefficient and more expensive green energy options.
No Do you generally support gun-control legislation (e.g. red flag laws, boyfriend loopholes)?
As a former Texas police officer, I am a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and all Constitutional Rights. This is affirmed by the oath of office. In 2013, I was talking to a Sheriff friend who expressed concern over the DOJ mandate that all police agencies throughout the U.S. were required to come up with a plan on how they were going to go into people's homes and take their guns under Red Flag laws. He said when he expressed his concern up the chain of command that any Sheriff who supported Red Flag laws would be voted out of office the response he got back was the FBI would no longer be investigating police shootings and would support their own internal investigations. His solution was to create a SWAT team. Now, in America, over 60% of the police and sheriff departments have a SWAT team. The majority of them have no formal training. The average number of SWAT raids in the U.S. is 55,000, which peaked at 70,000 during Obama?s second term when the Red Flag laws were first introduced. Boston was one of the first cities to enforce Red Flag laws, resulting in 68 deaths in their first year. I find it curious that it is impossible to find any news articles on this fact anymore, and all stories related to red Flag laws claim they are no longer enforced; however, Americans are still subjected to more than 50,000 SWAT raids each year. The states and federal government passed more than 3,000 gun laws over the last 60 years; what has changed? Americans use their firearm more than 1.6 million times each year for self-defense. Brave Americans have stopped 51% of potential mass murders before police ever respond, and that number drops to less than 30% in gun-free zones. Politicians will never solve gun violence by focusing on guns instead of people. Ignoring the underlying causes of poverty, poor education, political corruption, and a broken judicial system will only allow gun violence to continue.
No Do you support a government-run (e.g. single-payer) healthcare program, such as Medicare-for-All?
No Do you support expanding paid family AND/OR medical leave benefits (e.g. maternity leave)?
No Should the government be able to regulate the cost of prescription drugs?
Democrats tell us we need Medicare for All now! What they describe as a single-payer healthcare system. They are determined to eliminate our private healthcare and replace it with a system that gives them complete control. They have a way of making it all sound so good, but here?s what they don?t tell us. Medicare became law in 1965 and has required federal subsidies since 1969. Despite subsidies, Medicare costs significantly more than it brings in through the Medicare payroll tax. Federal subsidies for Medicare make up one-third of the total deficit each year, costing taxpayers about $600 billion in 2023. Government analysts anticipate Medicare will be insolvent by 2025. This is the real reason politicians want every citizen on Medicare. They know Medicare will collapse soon and believe they can rein in costs by deciding who, how, and when we can have medical care. The current system of short-term and long-term disability with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) adequately covers these issues. The FMLA authorizes workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for any medical event within a family. Employers with 50 or more employees are required to pay for short-term and long-term disability, which covers the paying workers when they are using FMLA. The federal government's overregulation of the pharmaceutical industry is the reason prescription drugs are excessive. Politicians love to blame our overly expensive healthcare system on Big Pharma and Health Management Organizations (HMO) because it takes the spotlight off their failures. The net profit margin of pharmaceutical companies is 15% as compared to restaurants 15%, telecom 15%, transportation 20%, technology 20%, and financial services 25%. The net profit margin of Big Pharma is in the bottom 50% of all U.S. industries, but it has the highest research and development costs. While the gross profit of pharmaceutical companies is high, they still don't make it into the top 10 of industries. Again, to be clear, it was the policies of the federal government that created Big Pharma, and it is the Food and Drug Administration that overregulates it. The way we reduce medical costs is to remove government control and allow it to return to the free market. My healthcare reform is made up of 7 separate but distinct programs. Each program serves a specific purpose where people only pay for the healthcare they need. All healthcare programs operate in the free-market economy, creating competition that improves quality while keeping costs low. Along with my economic and tax reform, the requirement for short-term and long-term disability is eliminated, and worker compensation for FMLA is covered within my healthcare programs.
Yes Do you support increasing security along the southern US border?
Yes Do you support requiring immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship, regardless of their immigration status?
I worked for Homeland Security with CBP agents providing overwatch for the brave border patrol agents who engage the illegal migrants on the ground. Democrats say border walls don?t work and we just need better technology. Along the southern border, we have ground sensors that can detect people's movements. Tethered balloons called Aerostat use cameras to track migrants and pass the coordinates to ground agents. Depending on the terrain, CBP agents use 4-wheel drive vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, and horseback. Agents utilize dogs for support and drones below 500?. Homeland Security AMO agents fly helicopters from 1,000 to 5,000 feet. Light aircraft with cameras and sensors from 5,000 to 10,000 feet. Faster medium-sized aircraft are from 10,000 to 15,000 feet, and even faster multiengine aircraft from 15,000 to 20,000 feet. Predators with specialized equipment operate above 20,000 feet. The Predator operator passes along the coordinates of a detection. The sensor operator on our aircraft slews the camera to the coordinates, and there they are. A Coyote with 10-12 illegal migrants trailing behind. By the time we coordinate a CBP intercept, the predator calls with another target. Sometimes we would get 2-3 calls per hour. According to new census data, the U.S. is diversifying faster than predicted. In 1980, the white non-Hispanic population in America was 79.6%, and 58.1% in 2023. Since 2000, Hispanics have been replacing Whites at a rate of 1 million each year; however, only about 300,000 Hispanics are naturalized annually. It is not that the U.S. does not have immigration laws to control illegal immigration; it is because certain government officials refuse to enforce them. The individuals we put in office to protect our rights and serve our interests have failed us. They run so-called sanctuary cities and states, but when illegal migrants show up, they don?t want them. After migrants cross the border, we give them a free iPhone. CBP processes them, and we give them a free bus pass to wherever they want to go. We pay for their healthcare, housing, and three meals daily. We give them spending money, free clothes, and free laundry service. Why would they want to work? Immigration reform must start with enforcing the existing laws without exception. Then, secure the border. Walls and barriers are the only things that have proven effective. Asylum laws came about due to war. Asylum laws are not enforced, so they must end. Asylum seekers must be required to apply and justify their need at the embassy in their home country. If their life is under threat, then the embassy can provide sanctuary until asylum is approved. This will legitimize the process and speed it up for valid cases. Then, we can deal with the 35 million illegal migrants in the U.S. Go to www.USCF.Life to learn more.
Yes Do you support economic intervention as a means of resolving international conflicts?
No Do you support the US providing increased offensive military aid to Ukraine?
Economic intervention as a force is the most effective peaceful means to resolve international conflicts. It fails when other countries don't support the embargo or won't comply to reap their profits. This is where a multinational force of 10 million military personnel and their associated resources can ensure other countries comply with the embargo on a hostile nation. I worked with many Ukrainians in Afghanistan, and they are wonderful people; however, their country is very corrupt, and they will be the first to tell you this. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Congress has approved $113 billion in financial, humanitarian, and military aid. Now, President Biden insists on sending another $61 billion. The federal government just keeps printing more money and giving it to other countries around the world. Throughout President Trump's term, Democrats and the liberal media incessantly cried he had his finger on the nuclear button, and he is going to start WWW III, but his efforts kept peace in the world. As a result, President Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, as previously mentioned. When Trump did commit troops to war, it was swift and effective. Now Biden has our military fighting in five countries, including Ukraine and Gaza, supporting Israel, with war looming with China over Tawain.
Yes Do you generally support increased regulations on social media companies (e.g. Tik Tok, Facebook, etc.)?
This problem must be attacked on two fronts. Since 1934, the Federal Communications Commission has protected citizens from illicit conduct over the airwaves. The federal government could just as easily regulate the internet and social media if it chose to do so. More than 90 countries have restricted social media access and internet access to protect their children from cyberbullying, pornography, sexual predators, and so forth. Ten years ago, France became one of the first countries to limit access to children under the age of sixteen. The other significant issue is the bias of executives in social media companies and Google. During my first run for Congress in 2020, Google shadow banned me on my YouTube account, and Twitter highjacked my account, refusing to unlock it despite three appeals. If social media executives refuse to provide equal protection for all voices on their platforms, then Congress must remove their protections under Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.
Economic recovery through Tax Reform and return to Free Market Capitalism. My tax reform program eliminates all federal, state, county, and local taxes, replacing them with my single flat tax. The Federal Reserve's Daily Aggregate Report of U.S. Dollar Funding Flows tracks every dollar that flows through the American economy each day. That amount is $7.5 trillion daily. My 1% Currency Usage Tax (CUT) will generate $75 billion per day and more than $27 trillion annually. My CUT restores our Constitutional mandate of taxation based on economic productivity that is uniform across the U.S. My CUT will pay off the $34 trillion federal debt in 5 years while fully funding all agencies and functions from the federal government down to local communities. Welfare Reform. Between the states and the federal government, there are more than 600 welfare programs. The U.S. has spent over $40 trillion to end poverty in America, but the Federal Poverty Level has only decreased below 11% once to 10.5% in 2018 until the pandemic hit the U.S. in 2020, driving up the poverty level by 0.5% each year. In 2023, the FPL was 12%, meaning 40 million Americans live in poverty. My welfare reform replaces the 600+ government programs with a single program called the Supplemental Income Benefit (SIB), saving $2 trillion annually. The SIB is paid out as Supplemental Income Pay (SIP), which will match any job up to 40 hours per week and volunteer work up to 60 hours per week. The SIP can increase a worker's yearly earnings up to $78,300, the GDP per Capita limit. This single program can do what the federal government could never do; it immediately lifts workers and their families out of poverty and into the middle class. Healthcare Reform. My healthcare reform is made up of seven separate but distinct programs, each serving a specific purpose and need. Every citizen is required to participate in Primary Healthcare (PHC) and Essential Healthcare (EHC). PHC handles outpatient care, and EHC covers inpatient care. People participate in Chronic Healthcare (CHC), Mental Healthcare (MHC), Assisted Living Care (ALC), and Risk and Recovery Care (RRC) based on their specific needs. All USCF healthcare programs operate in the free-market economy to create the competition that improves quality while keeping costs low. Individuals who utilize Aesthetic Healthcare (AHC) continue to pay out of pocket for those services. The only sector of America's medical industry that operates in the free market without government regulations is Aesthetic medicine, commonly known as Cosmetic surgery. Aesthetic medicine is a $300 billion-a-year industry with a 15% annual growth rate. Each individual's medical funds are accrued in their Healthcare Savings Account (HCSA), which gains interest at the rate of 2% above the Federal Fund Rate. The HCSA is an important tool for controlling healthcare costs and improving the overall efficiency of America's healthcare system. Please go to www.USCF.Live to learn more.

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