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Morgan Griffith's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)


On The Ballot: Running, Republican for U.S. House (VA) - District 9


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Unknown Position: Candidate refused to address this issue, or we could not infer an answer for this candidate despite exhaustive research of their public record.

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Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2022.

  • Voted in favor of HR 36 "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act." (
  • Rated 100% by National Right to Life Committee. (
  • "Morgan understands firsthand how precious innocent life is. Morgan consistently defended innocent life while serving in the General Assembly, building a solid record of voting for the pro-life position. In Congress, Morgan has stood up to the pro-abortion lobby and has 100% lifetime score from the national Right to Life Committee as he continues to defend innocent human life." (
  • "I am proud to earn an A+ on the @SBAList pro-life scorecard. I will continue to vote in defense of the right to life for the unborn and to protect the conscience rights of Americans who don’t want their tax dollars to pay for abortions." (
  • Rated 95% by National Tax Limitation Committee. (
  • "I cast my vote today in favor of creating jobs and letting Americans keep more of their money. This bill will encourage companies to invest, build, and hire in the United States. It will cut taxes for people across all income levels. Tax reform will move us to a system that embraces and rewards the hard work and ingenuity of the American people." (
  • "Morgan believes that taxes are too high and the U.S. tax code is too long and too complex. Morgan has voted to scrap the entire tax code and force Congress to start over from scratch. He's voted to repeal the Death tax. Morgan helped pass important tax laws that help farmers, educators, small business owners and other private sector job creators. Morgan is working to cut wasteful spending and reduce the nation's massive $18 trillion debt by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He supports Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to cut spending by $5.1 trillion and balance the budget in 10 years without raising taxes." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 1 "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." (
  • Signed Letter to Administrator Verma: "Millions of seniors depend on Medicare Advantage plans to provide comprehensive, affordable health care as they age. The success of the Medicare Advantage program is demonstrated by survey findings showing that more than 90 percent of beneficiaries report high satisfaction with their coverage.[1] In 2019, average premiums decreased by an estimated 6 percent while enrollment is projected to increase by almost 12 percent.[2] Further, the average number of plan choices has increased." (
  • "Believes in a long-term solution for the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula. The SGR formula was established to limit the increase in spending for doctors' services that the Medicare fee schedule alone would not cover. The intent of the SGR system was to be a restraint on total spending for Medicare. However, having never been implemented, the system is not effective as evidenced by Congress's innumerous short-term "fixes" to the SGR formula." (
  • Rated 12% by Alliance for Retired Americans. (
  • Voted against S 610 "Protecting Medicare and American Farmers from Sequester Cuts Act." (
  • "I look forward to working with the Trump Administration and my colleagues in Congress on further reforms. We must instill confidence in all citizens that their civil rights will be protected, while assuring police officers, the great majority of whom do their jobs with dedication and responsibility, that they are supported in carrying out their vital work." (
  • Voted against HR 1280 "George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021." (
  • Voted against S 1605 "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022." (
  • "Americans citizens on American soil should not be subject to indefinite detention. This should be a bedrock constitutional principle. The NDAA, however, potentially allows it, which is why I have voted no before, and I am voting no again this year." (
  • Rated 100% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • "Supporting legislation that would infringe on the constitutional rights of American citizens would violate my oath of office. As in past years, this year's NDAA contained a provision that could permit indefinite detention of American citizens. I have objected to it before and tried to correct it by amendment. Since it remains in this year's NDAA, despite any other parts of the bill with merit, I had to vote no." (
  • "This bill serves as an important step towards addressing the issue of broadband access in the Ninth District of Virginia. It will also help rural communities across the country. An updated National Broadband Map identifying existing broadband internet service will allow for infrastructure funds to be properly allocated to meet the needs of areas with insufficient access. In turn, improving broadband internet service will help businesses, families, schools and individuals. This will allow them to benefit from the advantages of our increasingly digital world." (
  • "Bridging the digital divide requires the deployment of more broadband infrastructure. The bill I introduced today, the BROADBAND Leadership Act, will facilitate this goal by removing regulatory obstacles and requiring more timely decisions by government bodies in the process of deploying broadband. This approach will contribute to building out more broadband and connecting more Americans, including those in rural communities," (
  • "President Biden wants Congress to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, but only a portion of the bill actually spends money on the infrastructure we all benefit from - roads and bridges - and even less of that is new spending. This bill is a wasted opportunity." (
  • Voted against HR 3684 "Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 1 "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." (
  • "Morgan believes that taxes are too high and the U.S. tax code is too long and too complex. Morgan has voted to scrap the entire tax code and force Congress to start over from scratch. He's voted to repeal the Death tax. Morgan helped pass important tax laws that help farmers, educators, small business owners and other private sector job creators. Morgan is working to cut wasteful spending and reduce the nation's massive $18 trillion debt by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He supports Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to cut spending by $5.1 trillion and balance the budget in 10 years without raising taxes." (
  • Rated 95% by National Taxpayer Limitation Committee. (
  • "I have read the complete text of the CARES Act. While I do not agree with everything in the bill, I believe that it will deliver on its most important goals -- helping Americans out of work due to the coronavirus, offering support to small businesses, and providing federal health agencies, states, and local governments with the funding and equipment they need as they continue to fight this pandemic." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 266 "Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act" (
  • "President Biden has unilaterally committed the United States to a goal that likely won't be reached but will certainly cause harm to American workers and businesses. Achieving the reductions President Biden calls for would require far more renewable energy capacity than we can expect to see over the next decade and the construction of high-voltage power lines to carry that capacity, a project even advocates admit would take more than 20 to 30 years. Unrealistic ideological goals won't solve our climate challenges. American ingenuity and an all of the above energy policy will." (
  • "We want renewables. We want all of the above. But we also have to make sure that we are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and in the end, killing off our large predator birds or killing birds with technologies that are not quite ready for prime time." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 1119 "SENSE Act." (
  • Voted against HR 4447 "Expanding Access to Sustainable Energy Act of 2019." (
  • Voted against HR 9 "Climate Action Now Act." (
  • "During his first term in Congress, Morgan successfully passed legislation through the House of Representatives to give businesses more time to comply with costly and burdensome government regulations. Morgan fought the EPA and called out the Department of Energy's bad loans to failed Solar companies. Since then, Morgan has continued to fight the implementation of EPA regulations that are bankrupting the coal industry. Morgan also supports the development of oil and natural gas off America's coast and the Keystone Pipeline. A clean environment and secure energy future are not mutually exclusive. Morgan believes we can develop and utilize our energy resources while still protecting our environment." (
  • Rated 95% by Independent Petroleum Association of America. (
  • Signed Letter to President Trump: "We write to express our continued and serious concerns regarding the Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan (CPP), Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS), and Ozone Standard of 70 parts per billion(ppb) Rules. On August 3, 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its Clean Power Plan rule. The original intent of the Clean Air Act was for individual states to regulate their own electricity systems. This new regulation is tantamount to a federal government power grab that would impose onerous carbon emissions standards at and outside the fence line of existing power plants. The CPP would require approximately a 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2030; a goal that will have a negligible impact on global temperatures. These costs will ultimately be borne by consumers, many of whom could see double-digit percentage increases in their monthly electric bill." (
  • Signed Letter to Director Richardson: "The ATF’s continued assault of the Second Amendment threatens millions of lawabiding American firearm owners. The ATF has overstepped its authority by changing the definition of what constitutes a silencer from the definition as passed by Congress. The American public deserves to know the ATF now believes that the mere possession of otherwise legal items are now considered to be violations of federal law" (
  • "Morgan is a supporter of your right to own and carry a firearm. He has consistently received "A+" ratings from the National Rifle Association. In the House of Delegates, he led the effort to repeal many of the restrictions that Virginia imposed on law-abiding gun owners. In Congress, he opposed the U.N. Arms Control Treaty because it undermines the Second Amendment. Morgan has consistently voted to strengthen the 2nd Amendment. Morgan believes that the right to self-defense is a guaranteed constitutional right, and he will protect this right by supporting the nomination of judges and future Supreme Court justices who are dedicated to the original reading of the Constitution on this subject." (
  • Rated 100% by National Rifle Association (NRA). (
  • Voted against HR 1446 "Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 1628 "American Health Care Act of 2017" (
  • "Consistently supports repealing and replacing Obamacare to end, in my opinion, a massive government takeover of the health care industry." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 6201 "Families First Coronavirus Response Act." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 6136 "Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018." (
  • Rated 94% by NumbersUSA. (
  • "We should build on this success to further guarantee the integrity of our borders. To that end, I supported the inclusion of funding for a border wall in the appropriations bill the House passed last month and urge that it be kept in any bill to fund the government." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 3003 "No Sanctuary for Criminals Act." (
  • "I voted today in favor of the Securing America's Future Act, also known as the "Goodlatte 1 bill,' which did not pass the House. It would have authorized money for border security, ended the visa lottery program, cut funds for sanctuary cities, and mandated E-Verify to ensure a legal workforce. The bill also would have protected Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients. Today's results are disappointing, as the House had a chance to strengthen border security, reform legal immigration, protect DACA recipients, and amend the laws to allow for immigration enforcement while respecting families." (
  • "Morgan sympathizes with the plight of DACA recipients who are here through no fault of their own. Most of them were brought here at a very young age and had no choice in the matter. However, any solution for them must recognize the need to enforce our laws. Morgan supports a tough but fair solution for DACA recipients that does not incentivize further illegal immigration. The United States is a nation of immigrants, and Morgan recognizes the positive contributions immigrants have provided us since our country's founding. While Morgan takes a tough stance on illegal immigration, he supports rolling back undue regulations and red tape to make the legal immigration process easier and to bring productive and talented people into the country." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 3004: "Kate's Law." (
  • Signed Letter to President Biden: "Iran's growing nuclear provocations, while stalling progress in negotiations, are the epitome of bad faith. The United States and our partners must increase pressure on Iran to stop its dangerous nuclear advancements. The most effective way to do so is to strongly enforce our existing sanctions and urge our partners to take similar steps. If Iran is not prepared to negotiate as things stand, we need to build our leverage to compel them to negotiate a better, stricter deal with no sunsets." (
  • "Morgan believes that the safest world is a world with a strong America, and he supports an intelligent foreign policy that puts American interests first. We must stop making concessions to authoritarian regimes without a way of verifying that they are upholding their agreements. President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal was the right decision, and Morgan supports the president's firm diplomacy with both Iran and North Korea." (
  • Rated 100% by Center for Security Policy. (
  • Voted against HR 550 "No War Against Iran Act." (
  • Voted in favor of HR 256 "To Repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002" (
  • "A good foreign policy holds our rivals accountable and rewards our allies. Morgan stands with Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, and applauds Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem." (
  • Voted in favor of H J Res 37 "Directing the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress" (
  • Signed Letter to Speaker Pelosi: "USMCA already contains the strongest labor provisions of any trade agreement considered by the U.S. to date, and the Trump Administration has worked diligently and in good faith to address these issues because the President is absolutely focused on ensuring a level playing field for all U.S. workers. Passing USMCA is a chance for the House to chalk up one critically important victory for the American people, and we urge you to seize this opportunity."
  • Voted in favor of HR 5430 "United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act." (
This candidate has responded to a Political Courage Test in a previous election. As a continued effort to provide the American public with factual information on candidates running for public office, these archived responses are made available here.
The Political Courage Test asks candidates which items they will support if elected. It does not ask them to indicate which items they will oppose. Through extensive research of public polling data, we discovered that voters are more concerned with what candidates would support when elected to office, not what they oppose. If a candidate does not select a response to any part or all of any question, it does not necessarily indicate that the candidate is opposed to that particular item.

1) Indicate which principles you support (if any) concerning abortion.

a) Abortions should always be legally available.
X b) Abortions should be legal only within the first trimester of pregnancy.
c) Abortions should be legal when pregnancy resulted from incest or rape.
X d) Abortions should be legal when the life of the woman is endangered.
e) Abortions should always be illegal.
X f) Abortions should be limited by waiting periods and parental notification requirements.
X g) Prohibit the late-term abortion procedure known as "partial-birth" abortion.
h) Support "buffer zones" by requiring demonstrators to stay at least 15 feet away from abortion clinic doorways and driveways.
i) Other
No 2) Should Virginia government funding be provided to clinics and medical facilities that provide abortion services?

Indicate the principles you support (if any) concerning affirmative action. State government agencies should take race and sex into account in the following areas:

No a) College and university admissions
No b) Public employment
No c) State contracting
d) Other

Indicate which principles you support (if any) to address crime.

a) Increase state funds for construction of state prisons and for hiring of additional prison staff.
b) Support contracting with private sector firms to build and/or manage state prisons.
c) End parole for repeat violent offenders.
d) Support the use of the death penalty.
e) Oppose the death penalty.
f) Implement penalties other than incarceration for certain non-violent offenders.
g) Inform communities when a convicted sex offender moves into the community.
h) Increase state funds for programs which rehabilitate and educate inmates during and after their prison sentences.
i) Decriminalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
X j) Strengthen penalties and sentences for drug-related crimes.
X k) Strengthen penalties and sentences for sex offenders.
l) Support the blood-alcohol-content limit defining drunk driving.
m) Prosecute juveniles who commit murder or other serious violent crimes as adults.
X n) Other
We already did A,C,D,F,G & M. It has been the law in Va. for almost 20 years. On L which Blood Alcohol are you asking for .02, .08 or .10?

Indicate which principles you support (if any) concerning the economy and employment.

X a) Provide low interest loans and tax credits for starting, expanding, or relocating businesses.
X b) Reduce state government regulations on the private sector in order to encourage investment and economic expansion.
c) Support limits on cash damages in lawsuits against businesses and professionals for product liability or malpractice.
d) Increase funding for state job-training programs that retrain displaced workers or teach skills needed in today's job market.
e) Other

Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding education.

a) Increase state funds for professional development of public school teachers and administrators.
X b) Encourage private or corporate investment in public school programs.
c) Provide parents with state-funded vouchers to send their children to any participating school (public, private, religious).
d) Favor charter schools where independent groups receive state authorization and funding to establish new schools.
X e) Support sex education programs which stress abstinence.
f) Support sex education programs which stress safe sexual practices.
X g) Increase state funds for school construction and facility maintenance.
X h) Increase state funds for hiring of additional teachers.
i) Endorse teacher-led voluntary prayer in public schools.
j) Support the Board of Education's new higher standards for teacher certification.
k) Adopt performance-based funding for Virginia's 38 state universities and community colleges.
X l) Increase state funding to public universities and community colleges so they can lower tuition rates.
X m) Other
On D I favor the Va. charter plan that gives local school boards the option. I is not constitutional according to the Supreme Court not a legitimate this time in history.

1) Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding the environment and energy.3) Indicate the level of regulation you will support for non-hazardous waste disposal. Select one level only.

a) Require the use of cleaner burning fuels in order to prevent pollution.
X b) Support "self-audit" legislation which creates incentives for industries to audit themselves and clean up pollution.
X c) Require a cost/benefit analysis to determine the economic impact of proposed environmental regulations before they are implemented.
X d) Require the state to fully compensate citizens when environmental regulations limit uses on privately-owned land.
e) Provide funding for recycling programs in Virginia.
X f) Request added flexibility from the federal government in enforcing and funding federal environmental regulations.
g) Suspend participation in unfunded, federally-mandated environmental protection legislation.
h) Restructure the electric utility industry to allow consumers to choose their power company.
X i) Shut down landfills that are most damaging to ground water and do not meet current standards of environmental safety.
X j) Other
Undecided 2) Should state environmental regulations be stricter than federal law?
Maintain Status a) Mega-landfills that meet current environmental standards
Slightly Increase b) Smaller, older landfills
Maintain Status c) Limits on the amount of trash in privately-owned Virginia landfills
Greatly Increase d) Trash barge traffic on Virginia rivers
Slightly Increase e) Trash trucks on Virginia highways
On i the key to the question is "damaging ground water".

Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding government reform.a) Do you support limits on the number of terms of the following Virginia officials?b) Do you support limiting the following types of contributions to state legislative candidates?

No 1) State Senators and Delegates
Yes 2) Governor
Yes 1) Individual
Yes 2) PAC
Yes 3) Corporate
Yes c) Do you support requiring full and timely disclosure of campaign finance information?
Undecided d) Do you support imposing spending limits on state level political campaigns?
e) Do you support partial funding from state taxes for state level political campaigns?
Yes f) Do you support Virginia relying more on the private job market as a guide in setting public employee salaries?
Yes g) Do you support requiring voters to show identification when voting?
Elected officials who receive more than $10,000 from regulated industries allegedly for "work" they perform should be required to file monthly detailed reports of the money on the "work . . .

Indicate which principles you support (if any) concerning gun issues.

a) Ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.
b) Increase state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms.
c) Maintain state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms.
X d) Ease state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms.
X e) Repeal state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms by law-abiding citizens.
X f) Allow citizens to carry concealed firearms.
g) Require manufacturers to provide child-safety locks on firearms.
X h) Other
We already did E

Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding health issues.

X a) Provide tax incentives to small businesses that provide health care to their employees.
b) Ensure that citizens have access to basic health care through managed care, insurance reforms, or state funded care when necessary.
c) Transfer more existing Medicaid recipients into managed care programs.
d) Use state funds to continue some Medicaid coverage for legal immigrants.
e) Limit the amount of damages that can be awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits.
f) The guarantee of medical care to all citizens is not a responsibility of state government.
g) Increase state funding for informing parents about the Children's Medical Security Insurance Plan, the free health program for uninsured children.
X h) Other
We already did E

Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding social issues.

a) Increase state funding for programs to prevent teen pregnancy.
b) Provide tax credits for businesses that provide child care for their employees.
X c) Increase state funds to provide child care to children in low-income working families.
X d) Deny or suspend state-issued permits and licenses to parents who are delinquent in paying court-ordered child support.
e) Ban smoking in public places.
f) Increase state funding for Head Start in order to serve additional children and/or increase services from a half day to a full day.
g) Increase state funding for community centers and other social agencies in areas with at-risk youth.
h) Support state funding of programs for at-risk youth such as guaranteed college loans, and job training and placement.
X i) Other
No j) Do you believe that the Virginia government should include sexual orientation in Virginia's anti-discrimination laws?
No k) Do you believe that the Virginia government should recognize same-sex marriages?
We already did D

1) Indicate the funding levels you will support for the following general categories. Select one level only.2) The state budget surplus should be:

Slightly Increase a) Education (K-12)
Greatly Increase b) Education (Higher)
Greatly Increase c) Environment
Maintain Status d) Health care
Slightly Increase e) Law enforcement
Greatly Increase f) Transportation infrastructure (highways, roads, bridges)
Slightly Decrease g) Welfare
Returned to Virginia citizens
Invested in state programs
X Other
E is only a 2 because of the large increase we made in the level already.
Both in varying degrees.

Indicate the tax levels you will support. Select one level only.

Eliminate a) Capital gains taxes
Maintain Status b) Cigarette taxes
Maintain Status c) Corporate taxes
Greatly Decrease d) Food taxes
Maintain Status e) Gasoline taxes
Slightly Decrease f) Income taxes (incomes below $75,000)
Slightly Decrease g) Income taxes (incomes above $75,000)
h) Natural Resources taxes
i) Property taxes
Maintain Status j) Sales taxes
Undecided l) Do you support a flat tax structure for state income taxes?
Yes m) Do you support accelerating the five year phase-out of the local automobile tax?
No n) Do you support raising gasoline taxes to meet a shortfall in highway construction funds?
Undecided o) Do you support freezing local real estate taxes for homeowners over the age of 65?
The state does not control Property Taxes, that is a function of local gov't. I would need you to define Natural Resources.
Explain what you will do as a state legislator to address this concern.

Indicate which principles you support (if any) regarding welfare.

X a) Maintain current time limits on welfare benefits.
X b) Maintain the requirement that able-bodied recipients work in order to receive benefits.
X c) Increase employment and job training programs for welfare recipients.
X d) Provide tax incentives to businesses that hire welfare recipients.
e) Provide child care for welfare recipients who work.
X f) Increase access to public transportation for welfare recipients who work.
g) Allow welfare recipients to remain eligible for benefits while saving money for education, starting a business, or buying a home.
h) Limit benefits given to recipients if they have additional children while on welfare.
i) Eliminate government-funded welfare programs.
j) Other
Please explain what your two main legislative priorities will be if elected. Please explain how you would obtain any additional government funding needed to implement these priorities.

Vote Smart does not permit the use of its name or programs in any campaign activity, including advertising, debates, and speeches.