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Janice Hahn's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)


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Janice Hahn has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2014 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests.

What is the Political Courage Test?

Issue Positions

For Presidential and Congressional candidates who refuse to provide voters with their positions, Vote Smart has researched their public records to determine their likely responses. These issue positions are from 2014.

  • Rated 100% in 2013 by NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • Janice Hahn. Women Advocacy Groups Rally Behind Hahn. 26 May 2011. "'Janice Hahn has been a steadfast leader and advocate on the City Council for protecting a woman's right to choose, fighting Republican attempts to derail funding for Planned Parenthood, and a powerful voice for universal healthcare,' said Teray Stephens, President of NWPC California and Vice-President of Board Development, NWPC National Board." (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Women's Issues. 10 February 2012. "Janice strongly supports advancing the rights of women. She believes in providing women a quality education, fair pay, and equal employment opportunities. Janice supports a woman's right to choose and will fight to ensure that women of all ages and backgrounds are provided the tools they need to succeed in today's society -- whether in the job market or at home raising children and caring for their family." (
  • Janice Hahn. Hahn Votes No On Afghan War Spending. 16 December 2011. "This was not the only reason I could not support the bill. [¦] The legislation would also have a profound effect on women's ability to access abortion in the District of Columbia. Protecting access to abortion is a critical issue for me and I don't believe Congress should be dictating to DC or anyone else what health options should be available to women." (
  • Janice Hahn. Rep. Lofgren & CA Democratic Women Members Respond to Susan G. Komen Planned Parenthood Decision. 1 February 2012. "As the largest number of women legislators in Congress, we have come together to express our concern and displeasure over Susan G. Komen's decision. Caving to a Congressional right-wing witch hunt won't just hurt Planned Parenthood, it sets back women's health. [¦] For the sake of women's health we sincerely hope that Komen will reconsider their decision, and until then, we do not plan to work with the national foundation." (
  • Despite exhaustive research, Vote Smart was unable to find information about this candidate's position.
  • Janice Hahn. Letter to President Obama. 3 November 2011. "U.S. support of UNFPA is critical to the program's continued success. Yet, this support is under threat in Congress due to a systematic and baseless campaign of misinformation directed against UNFPA. It is time for the allegations and falsehoods to come to an end, and we want the record to clearly reflect that UNFPA does not support coercion in family planning, coercive abortions or forced sterilizations anywhere. Further, UNFPA rejects "one-child" policies and has vigorously advocated against them. And, since voluntary family planning helps prevent unplanned pregnancies, it also helps prevent abortions. [¦] The U.S. has long been a leader in ensuring safe and secure access for women around the world to contraceptives and other family planning services. From the Global Health Initiative to a strong U.S. commitment to reaching the Millennium Development Goals, we thank you for your unwavering efforts to foster the health and dignity of women worldwide. We remain your partners in ensuring the health and well-being of mothers and children across the globe." (
  • ""I am a woman of deep faith. I believe in God and I believe government has no right to interfere with my beliefs or how I practice them."But when any church, or religious group, goes beyond the walls of their church to provide medical services or health insurance, they should not be allowed to restrict people's access to healthcare."
  • Rated 0%in 2014 by National Right to Life Committee
  • Janice Hahn. Let's Invest in America. 18 January 2012. "My friends on the Democratic side want to invest in education and infrastructure, creating jobs now and building our future. My Republican friends, on the other hand, want to cut spending on Social Security and Medicare. The Democrats want the wealthiest of Americans to pay their fair share, and my friends on the Republican side oppose even asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share." (
  • Janice Hahn. Congresswoman Hahn Votes No on Debt "Deal. 1 August 2011. "Three weeks ago, the people of my district sent me to Washington to protect Social Security and Medicare and get to work investing in our future and creating jobs. The American people wanted a balanced approach. This is not it. I cannot support a bill that asks nothing of millionaires and billionaires while asking hardworking Americans already struggling to sacrifice even more." (
  • Janice Hahn. Congresswoman Hahn Votes in Support of Reid Plan to End Crisis. 30 July 2011. "I would have preferred a more balanced package that asks millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. I think right now we need to be investing in the future and creating jobs, not taking a hatchet to the budget. But I voted for the Reid plan because it is a long-term solution to this crisis that protects Social Security and Medicare and lets the United States pay its bills." (
  • Janice Hahn. Letter to Democratic Leader Pelosi. 25 July 2011. "Our Republican colleagues should be embarrassed by their insistence that unless Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits are cut, the nation will default on its debts. Middle-class families have sacrificed enough, and a deal that pushes the American Dream further out of reach, in order to pay for extending tax breaks for the rich and corporations, is simply unacceptable." (
  • Janice Hahn. Job Growth Good News, Still More To Do, Says Hahn. 3 February 2012. "Right now Congress should immediately pass a full year extension of the payroll tax cut and extend unemployment benefits. This will keep money in the pockets of Americans to help keep the economy growing. Additionally we must invest in infrastructure, education and clean energy which will spur further economic growth and job creation now and well into the future. I'm also focused on working with our ports, through the bipartisan PORTS caucus, to develop one of the most significant economic engines we have." (
  • Janice Hahn. Congresswoman Hahn Applauds President's Jobs Plan. 8 September 2011. "Tonight, the President reminded Congress and all Americans that regardless of party, we need to work together so people can get back to work. I strongly support his efforts to invest in infrastructure and to improve our bridges and roads because dollars spent on these initiatives means that we will be able to hire Americans to rebuild our country. Investing in infrastructure is something that both Republicans and Democrats can agree upon. Just last week, I met with the Republican Mayor of Torrance, Frank Scotto, who encouraged me to back this kind of targeted spending. I was pleased to hear the President announce a plan that will 'create more jobs for construction workers, more jobs for teachers, more jobs for veterans, and more jobs for the long-term unemployed.'" (
  • Janice Hahn. Janice Hahn Announces Plan to Create 25,000 Green Jobs. 18 April 2011. "Seeing solutions to a lingering recession and a local unemployment rate of more than 12 percent, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn today announced her plan to create 25,000 green jobs. Hahn's Green Jobs and Peace plan, titled, 'A Plan to Reinvest at Home Instead of Spending on Wars Abroad,' would jumpstart the local economy, promote new businesses, invest in environmentally friendly technologies, and create a new skilled labor force. 'Americans are facing their greatest economic challenge in generations. We need to invest the money we are spending on foreign wars in smart strategies to ensure that we are creating new jobs right here in America. That's why I have put this plan together,' said Councilwoman Janice Hahn. 'My comprehensive plan creates 25,000 green jobs by making investments in clean, alternative energy, like wind and solar, reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It also advocates for emergency low-interest loans and tax credits for small and green businesses so that they can grow and create new jobs.'" (
  • Janice Hahn. Let's Invest in America. 18 January 2012. "Mr. Speaker, it's 2012; and this is the year we need to create jobs and get our economy moving again. Without a growing economy, our budget deficit will only get worse. It's time that we boldly invest in America. My friends on the Democratic side want to invest in education and infrastructure, creating jobs now and building our future. My Republican friends, on the other hand, want to cut spending on Social Security and Medicare. The Democrats want the wealthiest of Americans to pay their fair share, and my friends on the Republican side oppose even asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share. We need to make the right choices this year. Let's invest in America." (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Education. 1 January 2012. "In Congress, Janice will fight to make sure the federal government fulfills its funding commitments. Janice will support policies that empower local classroom teachers and schools principals, not politicians and bureaucrats, because educators need to be given greater authority to improve the quality of education in our schools, colleges and universities." (
  • Janice Hahn. LA Councilwoman Hahn Focuses on Green Jobs in Race for Congress. 14 May 2011. "I am a strong supporter of President Obama's efforts to improve the original NCLB legislation. We need to make sure we set the highest standards for our students, and yet, not create an educational system that "teaches to the test." The Race to the Top program has prompted revolutionary changes in our methods. I was proud of California's plan to claim these education grants, and want to ensure that the proposed measures are strengthened, implemented, and rewarded with federal dollars." (
  • vote: (
  • Voted Yea - H Amdt 956 - Prohibits Pending Pipeline Permit Applications from Receiving Automatic Approval - Vote to adopt an amendment to HR 3301 that exempts pending projects from the provisions of the bill that prohibit a Presidential permit from being required for any oil or natural gas pipeline or any cross border segment with Canada or Mexico.
  • Janice Hahn. Sierra Club Endorses Janice Hahn for Congress. 2 June 2011. "Janice Hahn's efforts to green the Port of Los Angeles led to an 80% reduction in diesel smoke emissions in the Harbor Area and helped to create a new clean energy industry in the South Bay. Hahn wants to continue that work in Congress and proposes a plan to create 25,000 green jobs by investing in local small businesses that specialize in clean and renewable energy technologies. [¦] Hahn says we can reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil by improving federal investment and policy for green energy, promoting 'local energy,' and leveling the playing field with big oil. She believes that our country is at a crossroads on energy policy. 'President Obama called this our "Sputnik" moment on renewable energy,' said Hahn, 'and I couldn't agree more. This is a time for us to rise to the challenge and end our dependence on fossil fuels. The Sierra Club understands how important that is for our nation's future, and I am proud to have their support.'" (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Energy - Improving Fuel Efficiency Standards. 10 February 2012. "Janice has long supported, and will continue to support, greater fuel efficiency standards -- and she will continue to aggressively protect California's exemption to set its own emission standards, be they for criteria pollutants or greenhouse gasses." (
  • Janice Hahn. EPA Regulatory Relief Act of 2011. 6 October 2011. "I'm for this amendment because the underlying bill nullifies EPA's rules to require boilers and incinerators to reduce their emissions of toxic mercury. And this comes in the wake of a bill to nullify EPA's rules to clean up cement kilns and another bill to nullify EPA's rules to clean up power plants. [¦] This amendment is straightforward. It states that the bill does not stop EPA from taking action to clean up toxic air pollution from an industrial boiler or incinerator if that facility is emitting mercury or other toxic pollutants that are damaging babies' developing brains. [¦] My amendment would ensure that the Environmental Protection Agency will keep their higher standards of clean air protections for the 10 metropolitan areas with the worst air quality. [¦] I believe that the underlying bill is a giant step backwards for those communities and for the air quality and environment of people living in this country. My amendment solely focuses on trying to continue to protect people in communities with the worst air quality standards. These communities cannot afford to have lower standards that will result in more asthma, more cancer." (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Environment - Global Climate Change. 10 February 2012. "California and other states have been leaders in developing innovative policies--often ahead of the federal government. Janice understands that we should not inhibit technical innovation that can provide economically viable solutions to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. Nor should we inhibit policy innovations that seek to thwart climate change. Janice believes that we must encourage new policies, learn from them, and promote best practices to the national and international realm. When Janice goes to Congress she will fight for the federal government to adopt the AB32 targets, and she will work with her colleagues from the west coast and New England to secure support for climate legislation. Janice also wants to meet with Representatives from mid-western and southern states -- in an effort to help them find ways to use local resources to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets." (
  • Sierra Club. Project Vote Smart: Interest Group Endorsements. 04/18/2012. Sierra Club endorsed Janice Hahn in the 2011 general election. (
  • "You know, I hope that we still have a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, but this is a good first start." (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Gun Safety. 10 February 2012. As a Councilwoman, Janice Hahn has fought hard to curb gun violence by focusing on youth intervention, as well as efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Following the senseless 2006 killing of 14-year old Cheryl Green in Harbor City, Janice partnered with Cheryl's mother to open an after-school center for local youth. In the City Council, she authored a resolution prohibiting gun ownership for gang members convicted of any crime, and she has stood up against NRA efforts to make handguns untraceable. Once in Congress, Janice will fight tirelessly to put smart limits on ammunition sales, enforce stricter permitting, and draw down the tragic epidemic of gun fatalities in our community. (
  • Janice Hahn. Letter to The Honorable John S. Pistole Administrator, Transportation Security Administration. 26 October 2011. "As I am sure you are aware, over this past weekend a loaded and undeclared .38-caliber handgun fell out of a piece of checked luggage being loaded onto a plane at Los Angeles International Airport. It is troubling enough that ten years after September 11, an undeclared, unsecured and loaded firearm escaped detection in baggage screening. However, I was especially disturbed to hear the spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration tell the Los Angeles Times that it is not the TSA's responsibility to screen checked baggage for guns. As reported on October 23, TSA spokeswoman Laurie Dankers said, 'It's the airline and passenger's responsibility to ensure that firearms are transported correctly.' TSA's website plainly requires that travelers 'must declare all firearms to the airline during the ticket counter check-in process,' and that the firearm 'must be unloaded' and placed in a container that 'completely secures the firearm from being accessed.' According to the TSA website, 'these regulations are strictly enforced' with civil and criminal penalties of up to ten years in prison. Yet the TSA has abdicated responsibility. I would like to know, if TSA is not enforcing its own regulations about loaded firearms in luggage, who is?" (
  • Rated 0% in 2013 by Gun Owners of America
  • "Ninety percent of the American people agree that expanding background checks for gun sales is the right thing to do. These checks will help keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable, convicted felons, and domestic abusers who threaten the safety of our families and our communities." (
  • "Now is the time for us to act to pass common sense legislation that is necessary to protect our children and families from these repeated patterns of senseless gun violence that has plagued many of our neighborhoods from the streets of Compton and Chicago to the schools and shopping malls in Newtown and Aurora," said Congresswoman Janice Hahn. "That is why I am proud to be an original cosponsor of this legislation that seeks to reduce gun violence and assist local government and law enforcement agencies by funding and supporting gun buyback programs and other anti-violence initiatives." (
  • "Mr. Speaker, 3 years after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, a law that is already helping millions of Americans, our friends on the other side of the aisle are wasting time again on a pointless symbolic vote that will never become law and takes us backwards.For the 37th time, our colleagues are forcing us to vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act when they know--they know--it has no chance of succeeding. [...] This is wrong for the 37th time and a waste of our time." (
  • Janice Hahn. Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act of 2011. 1 February 2012. "Instead of repealing a program that is not moving forward, why don't we work on replacing it with a better long-term care program. The Affordable Care Act is not a perfect law. That's why we should be working together to fix the problems, not just to repeal them." (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Healthcare. 10 February 2012. "Janice has always been a strong supporter of universal health care, and as a member of Congress, she will fight to prevent any repeal of President Obama's health care law. While she believes that President Obama's health care law was a step in the right direction, if elected, Janice wants to work with Congressional Leaders to do more to improve access and expand coverage to more Americans. If elected, she plans to work with the Congressional Leadership to create a health care public option so that all Americans could have the opportunity to obtain health care coverage." (
  • "Mr. Speaker, even with the difficulties of the health care Web site, we are seeing great things coming out of this Affordable Care Act. Across the country, millions of people who lacked affordable health care options yesterday are checking out their new options today. This law is working. [...] Rather than rooting for its failure, let's work together to make this a reality for all Americans." (
  • Janice Hahn. Letter to President Obama. 23 November 2011. "Immigrants are an integral part of the communities we represent. They go to our schools, work in our businesses, pay taxes, serve as the primary breadwinners in their families, and help to give our communities their unique character. Our communities continue to be damaged by this growing collaboration between police and immigration enforcement. We urge you to immediately stop Secure Communities. We cannot make our communities safer by tearing them apart." (
  • Janice Hahn. Congresswoman Hahn Applauds California Dream Act. 28 July 2011. "Congresswoman Janice Hahn today commended the State of California for enacting the first part of the California Dream Act (A.B.130), a bill guaranteeing higher education private source funding for undocumented students. 'All these students want is an opportunity to work to better themselves and the communities they live in.' said Congresswoman Hahn. 'The State of California is recognizing the deeply American aspirations of these young people, and I hope the federal government will do the same soon. This week, I am especially proud to be a Californian.'" (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Immigration. 13 February 2012. "Our nation has a history of welcoming immigrants, and it is what makes us strong and vibrant. Janice believes that our broken immigration system needs to be fixed and that our borders must be secured. In Congress, she'll push for a solution to immigration reform, including for those that were brought here through no fault of their own. Janice believes that our nation's border security is an important issue both for our country and our neighbors down south. She's committed to enacting common-sense immigration legislation as a representative of the 36th District." (
  • "The Supreme Court's decision to strike down DOMA means that the federal government will now hold lawful same-sex marriages equal, in rights and dignity to any other marriage. This decision represents a groundbreaking moment for freedom and the values our nation is built on. Finally, devoted couples across the country will have the respect, recognition and equality before the law that they deserve. This is a remarkable day for our nation." (
  • Janice Hahn. Issue Position: Equality. 10 February 2012. "Having been raised by civil rights pioneer, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenny Hahn, Janice has always believed that every person deserves equal rights, regardless of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation. Janice Hahn has always been a staunch supporter of equal rights for all Americans, and has always strongly believed that every person should have the right to marry whoever he or she chooses. She stood up against Proposition 8 and has supported efforts to overturn it, is strongly against the Defense of Marriage Act, and is proud of President Obama's effort to do away with Don't Ask Don't Tell. When she goes to Congress, Janice will be a fighter for the LGBTQ community and will do everything she can to ensure equality for all Americans." (
  • Janice Hahn. Hahn Praises Court Ruling on Proposition 8. 7 February 2012. "I believe marriage equality is a civil rights issue. We move further away from a just nation by trying to deny Americans the rights they deserve. Proposition 8 sought to make gay and lesbians into second class citizens and today was rightfully ruled unconstitutional. While today's ruling doesn't settle this issue nationally, I will continue to stand with all LGBT Americans in the fight to ensure dignity, equality and respect for all." (
  • Janice Hahn. Pelosi, 132 House Members File Amicus Brief in Landmark Court Challenge to DOMA. 2 November 2011. "The brief makes it clear that the House is not united on this issue, that the BLAG lawyers do not speak for the entire institution, and that there is no legitimate federal interest in denying married gay and lesbian couples the legal security, rights and responsibilities that federal law provides to couples who are married under state law. Section 3 does not affect married heterosexual couples and their children, who are recognized regardless of DOMA. And this law affirmatively harms married gay and lesbian couples and their children." (
  • Janice Hahn. Congresswoman Hahn's Statement on Death of Anwar al-Awlaki. 30 September 2011. "Congresswoman Janice Hahn made the following statement in response to the death of Anwar al-Awlaki, a leading figure in al-Qaeda killed in an American drone strike in Yemen on Friday. 'The death of Anwar al-Awlaki is a tribute to the steely leadership of President Obama and the tireless dedication of our intelligence community. We must always remain vigilant. Though the death of no one terrorist can end the threat of violent extremism, the world is a safer place without al-Awlaki in it. Today I salute all the men and women in and out of uniform who work so hard to keep us safe.'" (
  • Janice Hahn. Congresswoman Hahn Votes in Support of Reid Plan to End Crisis. 30 July 2011. "I would have preferred a more balanced package that asks millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. I think right now we need to be investing in the future and creating jobs, not taking a hatchet to the budget. But I voted for the Reid plan because it is a long-term solution to this crisis that protects Social Security and Medicare and lets the United States pay its bills." (
  • Janice Hahn. Congresswoman Hahn Votes No on Debt Deal. 1 August 2011. "Three weeks ago, the people of my district sent me to Washington to protect Social Security and Medicare and get to work investing in our future and creating jobs. The American people wanted a balanced approach. This is not it. I cannot support a bill that asks nothing of millionaires and billionaires while asking hardworking Americans already struggling to sacrifice even more." (
  • Janice Hahn. Huffington Post: An Extreme Blueprint for Our Country. 29 June 2011. "Huey wants to privatize Social Security, turn Medicare into a voucher program, and effectively leave America's seniors to fend for themselves. While my opponent and I are in agreement about the need to reduce government waste and spending, we categorically disagree on his extreme solutions. I believe we need to rein in Washington spending -- not shred the social safety net. Privatizing Social Security, as Mr. Huey advocates, would effectively end its critical protections for America's seniors. Social Security is not some retirement plan, or a government administered investment account -- it is a promise our nation makes to our seniors, present and future." (

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