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Citizen Initiative - Same Sex Marriage

Maine Ballot Measure - Question 1

Election: Nov. 6, 2012 (General)

Outcome: Passed


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


This citizen-initiated legislation would remove the existing prohibition on same-sex marriage in Maine law and allow the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The legislation also provides that the marriage of a same-sex couple that is licensed and certified under the laws of another state would be recognized as valid for all purposes under the laws of this state.

No member of the clergy is required under this legislation to perform any marriage in violation of his or her religious beliefs, and no place of worship is required to host a marriage in violation of the beliefs of that religious organization. The legislation also expressly provides that the refusal to perform or to host a marriage shall not be the basis upon which to file a lawsuit against, or to find liable, a member of the clergy or place of worship for refusing to perform or to host a marriage.

If approved, this citizen initiated legislation would take effect 30 days after the Governor proclaims the official results of the election.

A "YES" vote is to enact the initiated legislation.

A "NO" vote opposes the initiated legislation.

This citizen initiative will reduce Real Estate Transfer Tax collections as a result of the change in filing status of same-sex couples choosing to marry. However, eligibility and net benefits under the Maine Resident Property Tax and Rent Refund Program will also be reduced, resulting in some offsetting increases to revenue. Due to the potentially significant margin of error in identifying the number of same sex couples, the percentage choosing to marry and the timing of those marriages, a dollar impact of these tax effects is not available at this time, but the net effect of all tax effects on General Fund and Other Special Revenue Funds revenue is expected to be negligible.

The bill will also increase local revenue from marriage license fees but decrease revenue to counties from the Real Estate Transfer Tax. Again, the timing and amount of these impacts cannot be estimated at this time.

Measure Text

Do you want to allow the State of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?


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