An act providing for the protection of wild salmon and fish and wildlife habitat

Alaska Ballot Measure - 17FSH2

Election: Nov. 6, 2018 (General)

Outcome: Failed


Animals and Wildlife
Agriculture and Food

Measure Text

This act would amend Alaska’s fish habitat permitting law.

The act would require the Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) to issue permits for activities and development projects that have the potential to harm fish habitat. The act would exempt existing projects, operations, or facilities that have received all state and federal permits.

The act would create fish and wildlife habitat-protection standards. The standards would
address water quality, temperature, streamflow, and more.

The act defines "anadromous fish habitat."

The act would allow ADF&G to apply the law to all habitat in Alaska that supports salmon or other anadromous fish. The act would provide for three types of permits for development in anadromous fish habitat. ADF&G could issue a general permit—a single permit that applies to many people—for certain activities. For other activities that require a permit, the act would establish a two-track permitting system. Minor permits would be issued for activities that have little impact on fish habitat. Major permits would be issued for projects that have the potential to cause significant adverse effects on fish habitat.

The act defines "significant adverse effects."

The act would require ADF&G to avoid or minimize adverse effects through mitigation
measures and permit conditions. It would provide public notice on all permits and a
chance to comment on major permits.

The act would also require ADF&G to deny a permit if the proposed activity would cause substantial damage to fish habitat.

The act would create criteria, timeframes, and an appeals process for the permits.

The act would allow ADF&G to respond to permit violations with tickets, civil fines, or criminal penalties.

The act would repeal two current statutes. One is regarding mitigation from a dam. The other is regarding criminal penalties that are addressed elsewhere.

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