Resolve Uganda


"Ending the LRA's reign of terror and helping affected communities rebuild their lives will require strategic leadership from the United States. With a mission to advance this core ingredient of lasting peace, The Resolve is built on three core programmatic areas. To develop timely analysis and policy recommendations, The Resolve conducts firsthand field research and publishes reports and briefings. A wide array of stakeholders, including community leaders in affected regions of central Africa, provide input into our analysis. To ensure policymakers are kept informed of the situation and the measures needed to address it, The Resolve advocates directly with political leaders. The Resolve staff meet regularly with Members of Congress and Administration officials, coordinating their efforts with those of other human rights, humanitarian, and faith-based organizations who share our commitment to peace. And most importantly, The Resolve facilitates nationwide campaigns to motivate political leaders to make ending the LRA crisis a genuine priority and to guide their efforts in policy making. In short, The Resolve works with activists, policy experts, and civil society leaders to identify and build support for policy measures that can help end LRA atrocities and enable affected families and communities to survive and rebuild their lives." This organization was dissolved in January 2017. Its archives are kept here as a public service. - Project Vote Smart


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