Common Defense


Common Defense is the country's only veteran-led grassroots organization committed to engaging, organizing, training and mobilizing veterans to elect accountable leaders and promote progressive values in 2020 and beyond. We empower veterans to stand up for our communities against the rising tide of racism, hate, and violence, to organize against the entrenched power of greedy billionaires who have rigged our economy, and to champion an equitable and representative democracy, where "liberty and justice" truly is for all. We know that veterans like us have a key role to play in ending the Forever War, passing the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, and replacing our broken systems that fail to serve working families like ours. Historically, right-wing politicians have exploited veterans like us as political props--often as a cudgel to silence dissent from people seeking justice. We won't let them get away with it any longer. In order to win in 2020 and build a sustainable progressive movement going forward, we are organizing the country's 6-8 million progressive veterans, by building community and developing leadership among fellow veterans around the country, not merely helping a handful of elite veterans run for office and make television ads.

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