Arab American Political Action Committee (AAPAC)

Post Office Box 925
Dearborn, MI



AAPAC was formed by a group of Arab American professionals to organize and encourage the political activities of Arab Americans. AAPAC is non-partisan and independent from any other existing organization or interest group. Our primary concern is the Arab American Community as a whole regardless of the personal interests of any individual or group of individuals. Our main objectives are: 1. Prepare, advise and support Arab American candidates for political offices. Encourage and help Arab Americans to pursue public service careers in all branches of the government. 2. Maintain contact with non-Arab political candidates, meet with them, discuss their platforms, introduce them to the community and decide whom to support among them. 3. Lobby on behalf of the Arab American political causes which are of concern to the majority of the community as approved by the members of the organization.

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