Legislative Committees

Transportation and Safety Committee

Tennessee Senate Committee

Cordell Hull Building
Room 776
Nashville, TN 37243
Responsible for highways, roads and bridges; railroads; air, bus and vehicular transportation; rules and regulations for highway, railroad, and air use; common carriers, except by water; pipelines; motor vehicle regulations; public works; facilities in connection with and navigation of waterways, lakes and streams; and the Department of Safety.
Sen. Becky Massey
(Republican-TN 6) Chair
Sen. Bill Powers
(Republican-TN 22) First Vice Chair
Sen. Mark Pody
(Republican-TN 17) Second Vice Chair
Sen. Paul Bailey
(Republican-TN 15) Member
Sen. Janice Bowling
(Republican-TN 16) Member
Sen. Richard Briggs
(Republican-TN 7) Member
Sen. Frank Niceley
(Republican-TN 8) Member
Sen. John Stevens
(Republican-TN 24) Member