Legislative Committees

Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee

Tennessee Senate Committee

Cordell Hull Building
Room 722
Nashville, TN 37243
Responsible for legislation concerning energy; forestry; natural resources; conservation, game and fish, mines and minerals. Additionally, the Committee is also responsible for legislation regarding matters relating to pollution of air, water and land; parks and recreations; state parks and recreational districts; mineral resources of public lands; public and geological surveys, accretion, alluvium, and dereliction of public and private lands; watershed districts; soil conservation; soil conservation districts; flood and drainage projects; construction, improvement and maintenance of waterways, lakes and streams; registering and licensing of vessels and small boats; tourism; military parks and battlefields; and environment.
Sen. Frank Niceley
(Republican-TN 8) First Vice Chair
Sen. Mark Pody
(Republican-TN 17) Second Vice Chair
Sen. Janice Bowling
(Republican-TN 16) Member
Sen. Heidi Campbell
(Democratic-TN 20) Member
Sen. Shane Reeves
(Republican-TN 14) Member
Sen. Paul Rose
(Republican-TN 32) Member
Sen. Page Walley
(Republican-TN 26) Member