Legislative Committees

Judiciary Committee

Vermont House Committee

115 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-5301
The House Committee on Judiciary considers matters relating to judicial and legal affairs.
Rep. Maxine Grad
(Democratic-VT Washington-7) Chair
Rep. Tom Burditt
(Republican-VT Rutland-2) Vice Chair
Rep. Kevin Christie
(Democratic-VT Windsor-4-2) Ranking Member
Rep. Selene Colburn
(Democratic-VT Chittenden-6-4) Member
Rep. Kate Donnally
(Democratic-VT Lamoille-2) Member
Rep. Kenneth Goslant
(Republican-VT Washington-1) Member
Rep. Martin LaLonde
(Democratic-VT Chittenden-7-1) Member
Rep. Felisha Leffler
(Republican-VT Franklin-7) Member
Rep. William Notte
(Democratic-VT Rutland-5-4) Member
Rep. Barbara Rachelson
(Democratic-VT Chittenden-6-6) Member