Legislative Committees

Public Health Committee

Connecticut Joint Committee

Legislative Office Building
Room 3000
Hartford, CT 06106
The Public Health Committee is one of the joint standing committees of the Connecticut General Assembly. It has cognizance of all programs and matters relating to the Department of Public Health; the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Department of Developmental Services; the Office of Health Care Access; and all other matters relating to health, including emergency medical services, all licensing boards within the Department of Public Health, nursing homes, pure food and drugs, and controlled substances, including the treatment of substance abuse.
Sen. Mary Abrams
(Democratic-CT 13) Co-Chair
Rep. Jonathan Steinberg
(Democratic-CT 136) Co-Chair
Sen. Saud Anwar
(Democratic-CT 3) Vice Chair
Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
(Democratic-CT 18) Vice Chair
Sen. Julie Kushner
(Democratic-CT 24) Vice Chair
Sen. Tony Hwang
(Republican-CT 28) Ranking Member
Rep. William Petit, Jr.
(Republican-CT 22) Ranking Member
Sen. Heather Somers
(Republican-CT 18) Ranking Member
Rep. Tom Arnone
(Democratic-CT 58) Member
Rep. Whit Betts
(Republican-CT 78) Member
Rep. Christie Carpino
(Republican-CT 32) Member
Rep. Michelle Cook
(Democratic-CT 65) Member
Rep. Anne Dauphinais
(Republican-CT 44) Member
Rep. Mike Demicco
(Democratic-CT 21) Member
Rep. Joshua Elliott
(Democratic-CT 88) Member
Rep. Jaime Foster
(Democratic-CT 57) Member
Rep. Henry Genga
(Democratic-CT 10) Member
Rep. Robin Green
(Republican-CT 55) Member
Sen. Will Haskell
(Democratic-CT 26) Member
Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw
(Democratic-CT 17) Member
Rep. Kathy Kennedy
(Republican-CT 119) Member
Rep. Nicole Klarides-Ditria
(Republican-CT 105) Member
Rep. Liz Linehan
(Democratic-CT 103) Member
Rep. Kathleen McCarty
(Republican-CT 38) Member
Sen. Marilyn Moore
(Democratic-CT 22) Member
Rep. John-Michael Parker
(Democratic-CT 101) Member
Rep. Kevin Ryan
(Democratic-CT 139) Member
Rep. Sean Scanlon
(Democratic-CT 98) Member
Rep. Peter Tercyak
(Democratic-CT 26) Member
Rep. Phillip Young
(Democratic-CT 120) Member
Rep. Lezlye Zupkus
(Republican-CT 89) Member