Issue Position: Economy and Jobs

Issue Position

Economic opportunity, innovation and job creation are essential components to the American dream. That's why Joe has made jobs and the economy one of his top priorities in Congress. As a member of the New York City delegation, Joe realizes that reducing barriers to investment, creating opportunities for small businesses, and providing equitable working conditions for all Americans can and should be part of our national economic policy. This, of course, depends on educating a 21st century workforce to compete and succeed in today's economy, which is why Joe has been a forceful advocate for increasing federal investments in job retraining initiatives and math, science and engineering education programming.

Furthermore, Joe understands that our economic vitality depends, in part, upon local, state and federal governments investing capital in community initiatives, American small businesses and infrastructure -- roads, bridges and airways. This comes not only from grants and loans, but also support for the teachers, public safety officers and other public servants who are necessary to keeping our city running.

Since his election to Congress, Joe has promoted a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda by:

-Helping write the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (P.L. 111-5), which saved or created almost 23,000 jobs in New York City, including over 13,000 teachers and 350 public safety officers. It also provided for the direct investment of over $4.7 billion for public and infrastructure improvements in the City

-Crafting provisions in the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (P.L. 111-147) that provided tax benefits for hiring new employees. These tax benefits allowed a number of small businesses in the 7th District to hire during the recession

-Supporting over $30 billion in loans in the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, which gave local small businesses access to essential capital (P.L. 111-240)

-Successfully championing an amendment to the National Science Foundation Authorization Act of 2007 (H.R. 1867, 110th Congress) to increase math and science opportunities for students who attend Hispanic-serving institutions and provide much needed technical expertise to the economy

-Voting to reduce red-tape and excessive paperwork so small businesses can grow and expand. For example, he supported the repeal of the 1099 reporting requirement, which would have required America's small businesses to complete lengthy and unnecessary paperwork to obtain health care insurance for their employees (P.L. 112-9)

-Championed the redevelopment of Willets Point, which when completed this 62-acre project will have created about 18,000 construction jobs and 5,000 permanent jobs

-Working to increase access to New York City's core for residents of the Queens and Bronx by reopening or adding commuter rail stations in Coronoa, Co-op City, Elmhurst, Hunts Point and Parkchester, while also supporting funding for the East Side Access Project