Issue Position: Criminal Justice Reforms

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2016

*End the failed war on drugs. Replace drug prohibition with harm reduction. Legalize marijuana/hemp. Treat substance abuse as a health problem, not a criminal offense.
*Release nonviolent drug offenders from prison, removing such offenses from their records, and provide them with both pre- and post-release support.
*End police brutality, mass incarceration and institutional racism within our justice system. Support the Black Lives Matter Movement.
*Demilitarize police. End use of SWAT teams and no-knock raids for drugs and serving papers.
*Repair our communities rather than dump resources into the prison-industrial complex.
*Establish police review boards so that communities control their police, and not the other way around. Appoint dedicated investigators to investigate every death or serious injury at the hands of police.
*Enact laws to require independent outside legal representatives to investigate and prosecute any killing or brutality by the police rather than prosecutors involved in the local criminal justice system.
*Eliminate harsh mandatory sentencing requirements which often result in unjustified sentences.