Tampa Bay Times - Jolly Turning St. Pete Sewage Crisis to State Law Enforcement Authorities

News Article

Date: Sept. 22, 2016

By Charlie Frago

Minutes after Mayor Rick Kriseman finished telling CIty Council members that his administration would devote more attention, manpower and time to the city's sewage crisis, Congressman David Jolly announced that, after talking with whistleblower plant operator Craven Askew and reviewing the facts of the case, he's turning it over to state law enforcement,

Jolly's said unnamed state law enforcement officials with oversight over environmental matters agreed with his assessment and will start a formal investigation.

Here is Jolly's statement:

"Following extensive conversations with Mr. Askew regarding the recent wastewater discharge by the City, as well as a review of related documents, this has now become a matter that reaches beyond the jurisdiction of my Congressional office and merits a review by law enforcement. I have spoken with state law enforcement officials who have direct investigative responsibility over environmental matters and they have concurred that the allegations rise to the level of a formal investigation. My office is now assisting with the transfer of material information and will have no further comment on the case. This is now a matter for law enforcement." - Congressman David Jolly FL-13)