Chairman Becerra: Speaker Paul Ryan's Claims About Medicare Are Not Only Misleading, They're Unfair


Date: Nov. 16, 2016
Location: Washington, DC

Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra (CA-34) issued the statement below following Speaker Ryan's misleading and unfair remarks on Medicare:

"Speaker Paul Ryan's claims about Medicare are not only misleading, they're unfair. For nearly five decades, Medicare has safeguarded the health and well-being of America's seniors. Its guarantee of quality, affordable health care is helping over 55 million Americans live healthier lives with dignity and peace of mind.

"The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has not weakened Medicare, it has strengthened it. Today seniors are getting more healthcare for their dollar than they would have without the ACA. Thanks to the ACA, seniors now receive preventative check-ups without any co-payment and they pay less out-of-pocket for their prescription drugs. Medicare recipients have already saved $20 billion since 2010 from lower out-of-pocket drug costs.

"At a time when America's baby-boomers are beginning to retire in full force, Congress should remain steadfast in strengthening Medicare, not privatizing it."