Rep. Carbajal Statement on Trump's Border Wall Executive Action


Today, Rep. Salud Carbajal released the following statement on Donald Trump's latest Executive Orders on immigration:

"President Trump's proposed southern border wall is nothing more than a multi-billion dollar symbol of xenophobia and hate. This is not a strategic investment in our national security and the American taxpayers will be stuck holding the bill.

"As a proud immigrant, I know the value immigrants offer America's culture and economy. Our nation's diversity is part of what makes it great. My parents immigrated this country to provide opportunities for their children, the same hope that many immigrants and refugees share today.

"Our country has borne the negative effects of a broken immigration system for far too long. In Congress, I will continue to advocate for immigration reform that provides real border security, protects American workers, unites families and offers an earned pathway to citizenship. Not for a wall that only further divides our nation and compromises our values."