Rep. Correa Introduces Bill to Fund Legal Services for Immigrants, Refugees, and Dreamers

Press Release

Date: Feb. 2, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Lou Correa introduced his first bill, the DACA, Immigrant, and Refugee (DIRe) Legal Aid Act, with 55 original co-sponsors. The bill will authorize the Department of Justice to allocate up to $5 million dollars to grant programs for nonprofits that provide immigration legal services to immigrants, refugees, and DACA recipients. This bill will ensure immigrants who are detained with the possibility of deportation have access to the legal services necessary to protect their rights.

Congressman Correa said, "It is un-American to turn our backs on those that need our help. The refugees that have been granted status by the U.S. government undergo extensive security screenings. If the Administration wants additional intensive security screening processes, then let's do it legally with due process. To do it any other way is a misrepresentation of our American values."