Bill Flores Statement on FY2017 Omnibus Appropriations


U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-Texas) released the following statement regarding passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act for FY2017:

"Today, the House passed an omnibus funding bill for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2017 (May 6-September 30). These appropriations prioritize funding for our nation's military, defense and intelligence services, while holding the line on non-defense spending. This bill reinforces our commitment to rebuilding our military and to combating terrorism. It also provides our military men and women with a well-deserved pay raise - the largest increase in six years.

"In addition to providing for a strong national defense, the bill strengthens border security, provides health care and benefit services for our Veterans, reins in federal bureaucracies like the IRS and EPA, and promotes American energy security. It is important to note that this bill prohibits federal funding for abortion and does not provide any new funding for Obamacare. The bill also increases funding for important basic research by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation -- funding which is the seed corn for future economic opportunity and is critical to the three major research and educational institutions that have footprints in our district -- Texas A&M University, Baylor University and the University of Texas. It also prohibits a pay raise for Members of Congress.

"While this bill is not perfect, it does move our nation and our economy forward by fulfilling the primary Constitutional functions of our federal government -- defense and border security for hardworking American families. Some outside groups have claimed that this bill is a victory for Democrats because it did not have several "policy riders' which Republicans have included in appropriations bills in prior years; this assertion is false. Those policy riders which were important to rein in activities of the Obama administration are no longer needed under a Trump administration because we have his conservative appointees serving in key cabinet and leadership positions in the Executive branch.

"The Trump administration expressed support in its Statement of Administrative Policy; in light of their support and the improved funding for our military and border security, I elected to support the president and voted for this funding bill."