Rep. McKinley, Tonko Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Improve Gas Turbine Efficiency


Date: April 6, 2017
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Science Energy

Representatives David B. McKinley, P.E. (WV-1) and Paul Tonko (NY- 20) introduced H.R. 1877, bipartisan legislation that would increase federal research & development investments in the energy efficiency of gas turbines currently being used to generate electricity across the U.S.

"Investing in research and development for gas turbines will help America reclaim the mantle of leadership in energy technology. We should not allow foreign countries to supplant us as the leader in innovation on gas turbines," said McKinley.

"This bipartisan legislation will create a partnership between industry and government to improve efficiency and will ultimately result in good paying jobs for American workers," McKinley said.

"Investing in innovation and greater efficiency in our energy production is one of the easiest and most important things we can do for our economy, our environment and our national security. Even a small increase in the efficiency of our nation's power generators can save billions of dollars, dramatically reduce carbon pollution and secure our own energy independence," said Tonko.

"This bill will also help ensure America remains the undisputed leader in turbine technology, putting us in a position to compete for an even greater share of the global energy market and retain valuable domestic manufacturing jobs in the process," Tonko said.


If adopted, H.R. 1877 would authorize the Secretary of Energy, through the Office of Fossil Energy, to carry out a multiyear, multiphase program of research, development, and technology demonstration to improve the efficiency of gas turbines used in power generation systems and to identify the technologies that ultimately will lead to gas turbine combined cycle efficiency of 67 percent.Currently, more than 84% of gas turbineCongressman David B. McKinley, P.E., (WV-1) released the following statement in response to the American military strikes in Syria.

"The world's worst dictators must not be allowed to use the world's most dangerous weapons. Bashar al-Assad and Russia need to realize that the United States will no longer tolerate the use of WMD's to kill innocent men, women, and children," said McKinley.

"I commend President Trump, his national security team, and our brave men and women in the military for their quick and decisive action against the tyrannical Syrian regime. Hopefully the world can come together to finally stop this bloody conflict," McKinley said.

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