Rep. Brat Statement on Attorney General Sessions


Date: July 26, 2017
Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) issued the following statement regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

"The Department of Justice has been politically-tainted for eight years under the leadership of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, now Attorney General Sessions is restoring integrity to the Department of Justice.

"AG Sessions was one of the first individuals to reach out to me after my election, and I consider him to be a true personal friend. He is the principled man we need in such a key position of leadership in our country. I believe he acted in the highest ethical manner when he chose to recuse himself in March.

"Unfortunately, in this city there is very little incentive to do the right thing, especially if you are a Republican. In retrospect, it is easy to Monday-morning quarterback on a decision made months ago. One thing is for sure: when AG Sessions erred on the side of caution by recusing himself, he never could have foreseen the 24/7 full-throated obsession over Russia by the mainstream media. The media's attacks have only escalated since Trump's inauguration. Fake news dominates. Anchors now make the news by opinion, instead of reporting objective reality. The President is frustrated with those who have called for his impeachment since day one. Their mission is clear. They refuse to honor the outcome of the election.

"At the same time, President Trump is also frustrated by the fact that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein rushed to appoint a special counsel. Back in May -- and to this day -- there remains no publicly-available evidence of any crimes committed. Not only that, but Rosenstein gave Robert Mueller broad investigative authority through the inclusion of a catch-all phrase when authorizing the scope of the investigation. Now, additional doubt has been cast on the independent nature of the investigation through Mueller's appointment of individuals with clear political bias, including past legal counsel to the Clinton's and several Democratic donors.

"AG Sessions is taking on MS-13, illegal immigration, and sanctuary cities. He is implementing the Trump agenda on a daily basis and dutifully following the President's orders. The goal of Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media is to divide two of the principal conservative populist leaders in the nation, and at this time we must all remain united. Our words, policies, and messaging must meet the highest ethical standard as we all try to drain the swamp together. AG Sessions deserves our praise for having the guts and the backbone to fight for this great country.

"AG Sessions, stay the course."