Slaughter Reacts to Trump Administration's Refusal to Impose Bipartisan Sanctions on Russia


Date: Jan. 30, 2018
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter (NY-25) released the following statement in reaction to the Trump administration refusing to impose new sanctions on Russia. This comes after the administration missed the first statutory deadline last October for providing Congress with details of Russian sanctions targets. In July, Slaughter supported a bipartisan bill giving Congress the authority to block any effort by the administration to weaken sanctions on Russia. This bill passed the House and Senate overwhelmingly and was signed into law by President Trump.

"This move by the Trump administration disregards bipartisan legislation that overwhelmingly passed the House and Senate last summer and was signed into law by President Trump. The president's ties to Russia are troubling to say the least and are the subject of multiple investigations. Just over a year ago, 17 federal intelligence agencies unanimously confirmed that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections. Yet, President Trump still refuses to admit that and instead attacks these very agencies. Decisions like this by the Trump administration continue to make one wonder - how far is President Trump willing to go to protect Putin?"