Issue Position: Jobs and Economy

Issue Position

West Virginia is still suffering from President Obama's reckless regulatory policies and executive actions. Congress can help undo some of the damage by permanently repealing Obama's onerous regulations and enacting comprehensive tax reform.

The current tax system is riddled with loopholes that rewards politically connected corporations at the expense of hardworking taxpayers and small business owners. A simpler, flatter tax system will kick-start economic growth and empower entrepreneurs to create new businesses and hire new employees.

In addition to tax reform, Morrisey believes West Virginia must continue to invest in its infrastructure to meet the needs of its citizens and businesses. For West Virginia to reach its potential, it must improve its roads, bridges, dams, and high-speed internet capacity. As Attorney General, Morrisey reached a record-breaking settlement with Frontier Communications that required the company to invest $150 million into the state's high-speed internet infrastructure. As U.S. Senator, he will promote the state and encourage new private sector companies to locate here.