Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2018
Issues: Senior Citizens

Instead of offering her congratulations, the first thing Bill's 85-year old mom said to him after he won election (without having served in public office before) was "Bill, you better protect my Medicare and Social Security." Bill believes that current seniors, just like his mother, paid into these critical programs, and the federal government has an obligation to ensure that seniors in and near retirement will receive their Social Security and Medicare benefits without any change -- and, that their benefits will be fully funded.

Bill hasn't forgotten that conversation with his mom, or his commitment to strengthen and protect these important retirement programs for her, and preserve them for future generations.

Johnson continues to work for solutions that ensure seniors not only continue to receive the benefits they were promised, but also have access to top quality and affordable health care services. He is a leader on advancing policies that expand access to telemedicine, which holds great promise to connect seniors in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio with high quality healthcare and their doctors without the burden or expense of traveling to the doctor's office or going to the emergency room.

Bill is also leading on several other additional important bills that would give seniors more choices and better access to quality, affordable health care, including: legislation ensuring patients can receive necessary therapy services (H.R. 807, the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act); ensuring seniors' have choices and flexibility purchasing medical equipment and supplies (H.R. 1361, the Medicare Competitive Bidding Improvement Act); and, to protect seniors from having their medical decisions made for them by President Obama's board of Washington bureaucrats (H.R. 849, the Protecting Seniors Access to Medicare Act), which passed the House in November 2017.

Johnson was honored to receive the "2016 Medicare Advantage Champion' Award given to him on behalf of the two million members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices.