Issue Position: Defend Women's Rights And Access To Healthcare

Issue Position

I will be a fierce advocate for women's rights, including supporting their economic security and reproductive rights. I will defend Planned Parenthood against attacks to stop reimbursement for critical medical care like cancer screenings and STD testing.

Advocate for a woman's right to choose as well as access to affordable and quality reproductive services.

Support efforts to institute paid family leave. America is the only advanced economy in the world without guaranteed family leave, which often affects our poorest workers the most. I also support expanding early childhood education, which helps working parents afford the high costs of childcare.

Strengthen protections in the workplace setting up systems that punish sexual predators, empower victims, and promote equal pay.

Median earnings for female full-time, year-round workers is $51,291 while median earnings for male full-time, year-round workers is $68,088. Women make 75 cents to every dollar that a man makes and this is unacceptable.