Marino Delivers on Regulatory Reform Commitment Through Permit Streamlining

Press Release

Date: Sept. 6, 2018

Today, the House Judiciary Committee held a mark-up of H.R. 5468, Permitting Litigation Efficiency Act, introduced by Congressman Marino.

The Permitting Litigation Efficiency Act is bipartisan legislation that will streamline the federal permitting process by requiring federal agencies to take action on permit applications within a specified time period. If an agency fails to act within the time period, the agency is subject to a presumption that it has caused an "unreasonable delay." This presumption serves as a powerful incentive for agencies to conclude their permit reviews within sensible timeframes.

The federal permitting process has become an immense burden for businesses, state, and local governments. The Hoover Dam was built in five years. Modern projects, however, are often bogged down by years or decades of bureaucratic red tape before they even get off the ground. Reforming this process will improve job creation and help our nation reach its full economic potential. This legislation is key to seeing those reformations are accomplished.

Congressman Marino issued the following statement:

"After hearing from countless constituents and listening to witness testimony here in Washington, it has become abundantly clear that the federal permitting process has hamstrung economic development and job growth. This legislation will restore accountability to the permit review process thereby providing certainty to local and state governments and businesses with development plans. The PLEA Act ensures a comprehensive and responsible environmental review while restoring predictability and sensibility to the federal permitting process. I am pleased this bill was referred favorably out of the Judiciary Committee."