The Seven Failures of the Kerry-Malinowski Foreign Policy Team

Press Release

Former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator John Kerry joined lifelong progressive Democrat Tom Malinowski today in Basking Ridge for a staged campaign event. Malinowski served under Kerry as his Assistant Secretary of State where together they promoted a feckless and weak foreign policy doctrine that saw the world become less safe, America's adversaries grow stronger, and terrorism rise across the globe.

Here are seven failures of the Kerry-Malinowski foreign policy team:

Kerry-Malinowski Failure #1 -- Dangerous Iran nuclear deal.

Kerry-Malinowski Failure #2 -- Damaging America's relationship with Israel

Kerry-Malinowski Failure #3 -- Naive foreign policy

emboldened Russia.

Kerry-Malinowski Failure #4 -- Failure to enforce "red line" against Syrian dictator Assad.

Kerry-Malinowski Failure #5 -- The rise of ISIS.

Kerry-Malinowski Failure #6 -- Reemergence of the Taliban in


Kerry-Malinowski Failure #7 -- Normalizing relations with

Castro's Cuba.

"The Kerry-Malinowski foreign policy doctrine unquestionably made the world less stable, less predictable and more dangerous," said Lance for Congress campaign manager Jim Hilk. "Whether emboldening our enemies or undermining our allies, John Kerry and Tom Malinowski put American national security at risk."