Letter to the President - Following Hurricane Michael, Rubio & Colleagues Urge POTUS To Commit To Full Recovery of Tyndall Air Force Base


Dear President Trump,

We write on behalf of the people of Florida requesting your commitment to rebuild Tyndall Air Force base after the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Michael. Tyndall Air Force base is one of the most critical installations in the United States. It is imperative we rapidly repair and restore operations as quickly as possible in order to protect and promote U.S. national security interests.

Since its opening on December 7, 1941, Tyndall Air Force base has served as fertile ground in the training of America's Airmen. Today it is home to the aviators and maintainers of our nation's premier air-to-air fighter jet--the F-22 Raptor. Furthermore, the base is home to the 601st Air Operations Center which is the frontline defense against threats to the homeland and the first responder for aerial relief operations following disasters such as Hurricane Michael.

Tyndall Air Force Base's proximity to the vast Eastern Gulf Training and Test Range, perfect conditions for year-round flight operations, and access to a large community of skilled laborers is critical to our nation's overall military readiness. Last week we sent a letter to the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force urging them to move quickly to assess damages, repair infrastructure, and restore operations as quickly as possible.

As Florida rebuilds from the destruction of Hurricane Michael, we are requesting your commitment in moving quickly to bringing the thousands of devoted service members and civilians back to Tyndall Air Force Base. They must continue to train and project unrivaled combat air power. We are committed to the base's full recovery and are ready to work with you to achieve that goal.