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Rep. Hill Speaks Out Against Speaker Pelosi's $35 Billion Amnesty Legislation


Date: June 5, 2019
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Immigration

"It's sad that I rise today in opposition to H.R. 6. It brings me no pleasure, for I support an equitable solution for our nation's Dreamer population. But this bill goes well beyond that kind of a balanced, equitable solution, and puts illegal immigration ahead of legal immigration. While we are a nation of immigrants, it's also true that we are a nation of laws.

"Once again, the majority has failed to find common ground on this topic in this House. Last year at this time, we worked mightily within the majority to find common ground with Bob Goodlatte's [immigration reform] effort of last summer, our former Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He, too, could not find full bipartisan common ground, and barely common ground among Republicans, but common ground we must find.

"This bill is not that. One example of why: legal dreamers. These are kids of work permit holders in America from countries like India and China that can't get green cards due to arbitrary country caps in our immigration laws. Their kids have to self-deport when they turn 18 years old. Why aren't these kids being dealt with and protected? Their parents followed the rules, came to the United States the right way, with a legal work permit. Yet with this bill, we're going to reward those who came illegally, through no fault of their own for the kids, and not protect those who are here legally? That's not right.

"Last year, House Republicans and the president offered equitable solutions for Dreamers in exchange for much-needed asylum reforms, family unification at the border, and border security funds. But sadly, as noted, the floundering majority in this House can't find that compromise, can't find that common ground. In my view, H.R. 6 is an insincere bill with no chance of being signed into law. I call on Speaker Pelosi to stop the messaging bills and negotiate with Republicans in the minority to fix our broken immigration system."


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the combined cost of H.R. 6 to be $34.6 billion. A myths vs. fact one-pager on H.R. 6, courtesy of the House Judiciary Committee Republicans.