McKinley Rejects Partisan Stimulus Bill

Press Release

Date: March 11, 2021
Location: Washington, DC

Today Representative David B. McKinley P.E. (R-W.Va.) released a statement on his vote against the final COVID stimulus bill:

"Rather than provide targeted and temporary relief to the American people who are facing hardships due to the pandemic, the Democrats chose to jam through a partisan stimulus bill that spends nearly $2 trillion on progressive policies unrelated to COVID," said McKinley.

"We know that the American people need support to crush this virus and return to a sense of normalcy, that's why I've supported provisions like individual stimulus checks, funding for COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution, and funding to support safe school reopening. However, rather than deal exclusively on these priorities, Democrats delivered a bloated bill to the House floor that gives stimulus checks to prisoners, money to support government funded abortions, and billions to bailout states that mismanaged their funds," added McKinley.

"During World War II, the United States spent roughly $4 trillion in today's dollars to support wartime efforts. Congress has already spent $4 trillion in funding to combat COVID-19 and now we're adding nearly $2 trillion more. This bill also fails to provide adequate funding to combat the opioid crisis. In fact, Democrats could only support less than one tenth of a percent to fund substance abuse and mental health services. Additionally, there's still $1 trillion of pandemic relief that hasn't been spent yet and it will take years for all of this additional COVID money to be sent out. Right now, the American people are counting on Congress to provide them with additional support during these unprecedented times, however, this bloated bill doesn't accomplish that goal." added McKinley.

In late February, House Democrats forced a vote on their partisan COVID stimulus bill. Read Representative McKinley's previous statement on that bill here.


Below are some examples of the extraneous provisions included in this bill:

Illegal immigrants and prisoners would be able to receive stimulus checks.
Individuals making around $51,000 annually and families of four with an annual income of $106,000 would receive healthcare subsidies.
$130 billion to K-12 schools, without any guarantee of students returning to school.
$350 billion bailout to Democrat-led states
$300 weekly boost in unemployment benefits until September
$50 million to fund abortions