An Unborn Child is A Human Life

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 1, 2021
Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. WALORSKI. Madam Speaker, I thank my friend for yielding.

Today is a truly historic day for our Nation as the Supreme Court considers a landmark challenge to Roe v. Wade. This is a vital opportunity for the highest court in the land to rightfully strike down this deadly decision and restore the dignity of life in our Nation.

Our country was founded on the self-evident truths that all people are created equally by our creator and endowed with inalienable rights. Every child has the God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For nearly 50 years, our Nation has been plagued by a callous disregard for these fundamental principles--Roe v. Wade, an abomination that destroys life and our Nation's greatest potential.

Abortion is sold as healthcare or women's empowerment. It is a violation of human dignity that all Americans should not and cannot tolerate.

Protecting life empowers women and defends the most basic rights. I am proud to stand with millions of pro-life Americans as we speak up for the voiceless and the most vulnerable among us. The truth is on our side, and the truth will prevail.