Congresswoman Tlaib Statement on Senate Inaction on Build Back Better Act


Date: Dec. 16, 2021
Location: Detroit, MI

Today, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) released the following statement regarding reports that the United States Senate will not be taking immediate action on President Biden's signature infrastructure bill, the Build Back Better Act:

"The Senate and White House cannot allow the Build Back Better agenda to die. The American people deserve immediate action to deliver the investments we have promised. From making prescription drugs more affordable to funding childcare and Pre-K programs, these are critical priorities that we cannot wait any longer for. In 2020, voters delivered the White House and Senate to Democrats. They sent a loud message and gave us a clear mandate to provide solutions to their everyday issues. The Build Back Better Act provides meaningful change by expanding health care, creating jobs, building housing, fighting climate change, delivering clean water, lifting children out of poverty and so much more. It does this by simply having the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. The Senate's failure to act now, during a pandemic, at a time when people are asking us to prioritize their quality of life, is tragic and exposes the fact that corporate Democrats are putting corporate profits before the well-being of the people we represent. Our communities cannot wait any longer -- the Senate must stay in session until they pass the Build Back Better Act."