Saluting the Achievements and Contributions of Noah Assad

Floor Speech

Date: Feb. 11, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD. Madam Speaker, I rise to salute Noah Assad for his many positive contributions to Los Angeles, both as a prominent soccer player and as an active member of our Los Angeles community.

Noah Assad was born on May 5, 1990, in Puerto Rico. He is co-founder and CEO of the record company Rimas Entertainment and the Rimas Foundation and is the representative of the internationally known artist, Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio.

Mr. Assad acquired his gift for navigating the music business early. At age fourteen, he was organizing events in his native Carolina, Puerto Rico, bringing in hundreds of people; by age nineteen, he was booking local reggaeton acts to perform in Colombia. Assad started releasing free reggaeton compilations to increase demand for the acts he worked with. His success continued and Assad launched his own label, Rimas Entertainment, in 2014.

Assad has established himself as active leader in his fields. He is a hands-on strategist and a philanthropic citizen who utilizes his talents to create unique opportunities for all ages to thrive and effectively impact the world. His efforts have improved the lives of others and laid the groundwork to improve the quality of life of those he encounters and the community at large.

Madam Speaker, Noah Assad has shown exemplary commitment to the people of Los Angeles and beyond, and I am pleased to recognize his work as a music executive and philanthropist. I hope my colleagues will join me in recognizing his many contributions and his positive impact.