Espaillat, García, Correa Statement on Repealing Title 42


Date: March 14, 2022
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Immigration

Today, Representatives Adriano Espaillat (NY-13), Jesús G. "Chuy" García (IL-04), and Jose Luis Correa (CA-46) released the following statement on revoking Title 42:

"For nearly two years, the United States government has expelled individuals fleeing from violence and turmoil seeking refuge and protection, with no ability for these individuals to apply for asylum -- actions that completely violate U.S. law and treaty commitments," said the members. "This heartless policy, spearheaded by the Trump administration, must be repealed -- full stop.

"Every single refugee in need of our help and protection must be treated humanely and have the opportunity to seek asylum without fear of being sent back to the horrors from which they fled from. As a nation, we must end this illegal and unjustifiable policy to restore meaningful access to asylum at U.S. borders and welcome with dignity the families and individuals seeking protection in the United States. We vowed to work to end the hateful, racist, and xenophobic policies of the Trump administration, and that promise must include fully revoking Title 42."

Throughout the past two years under Title 42, there have been:

at least 8,705 reports of kidnapping, rape, trafficking, torture, and other attacks on people blocked in or expelled to Mexico under Title 42 by your administration, including LGBTQ, Black, and Indigenous asylum seekers targeted by cartels and corrupt officials;
refugees refouled to the countries where they had fled persecution and torture in violation of U.S. law and treaty obligations;
at least 20,000 Haitian families and individuals, including asylum seekers, expelled or deported, to increasing danger in Haiti many without a chance to request asylum;
thousands of children sent alone across the border to the United States by families expelled under Title 42 desperate to protect them from harm while stranded in Mexico; and
more than 90,000 expulsions at the southern border without due process, on average, each month - more than twice the monthly average of expulsions carried out under President Trump.