Congressman Van Drew Issues Statement on Governor Murphy's Decision to Finally Lift Mask Mandates in Schools


Date: Feb. 8, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement on Governor Murphy's decision to finally, but reluctantly, join the free states in lifting mask mandates for school children.

"While I am glad Governor Murphy decided to finally lift mask mandates for our school children in New Jersey and is allowing parents to determine what is best for the well-being of their children, it should be implemented immediately and not be put off until next month," said Congressman Van Drew. "Our children have had to deal with virtual school and masks for the past two years, which has resulted in a strain on our children's ability to learn and interact with one another."

"It is unfortunate that it has taken Governor Murphy this long to realize that mask mandates are adversely affecting our children," added Congressman Van Drew. "This mandate being lifted is long overdue and while Governor Murphy is following the lead of other states, he should also reverse the authoritarian, unwarranted vaccine mandates. Those who have been on the frontlines throughout the pandemic should not have to choose between maintaining autonomy over their personal health decisions or losing their livelihoods. People have lost their jobs and have dealt with the deterioration of their mental health because of the toll this pandemic has had on everyone. The handling of COVID-19 in New Jersey has been awful. I urge the Governor to lift all mask and vaccine mandates that continue to hold our state back from full recovery."