Rep. Ron Kind Votes for Bipartisan Package to Lower Grocery and Gas Costs, Strengthen Supply Chains

Press Release

By: Ron Kind
By: Ron Kind
Date: June 16, 2022
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Ron Kind voted for the bipartisan Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act, a package to lower costs at the grocery store, reduce gas prices, and shore up food supply chains.

The Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act is comprised of bills led by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle that would address challenges in the supply chains of the American energy and agriculture sectors. The legislation would also combat rising fertilizer prices and increase the availability of higher ethanol blends and other biofuels.

"Wisconsinites need relief from rising prices at the grocery store and gas pump," said Rep. Ron Kind. "That's why earlier this month I released an Inflation Action Plan to address rising costs, and today I'm proud to vote for the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act to lower gas and grocery prices all while supporting our farmers. I'll keep working to create a strong, stable economy and bring down costs for hardworking families across Wisconsin and the nation."

The Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act would help lower prices at the pump by:

* Giving consumers the choice to purchase fuel that is cheaper than standard gasoline
* Deploying additional storage and dispensing equipment to ensure that higher ethanol blends and other biofuels are readily available across the country
* Building on actions allowing voluntary year-round sale of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol -- known as E-15 or Unleaded 88

The Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act would help lower grocery store costs and support our agriculture industry by:

* Addressing rising fertilizer prices and improving access to precision agriculture practices
* Leveling the playing field for small and medium-sized meat processers
* Strengthening the agriculture and food supply chain

In February, Rep. Kind helped form the New Democrat Coalition's Inflation Working Group and recently joined them in releasing a multi-pronged action plan to fight inflation, lower prices on essential goods and services, shore up global supply chains, and provide relief to American workers, families, and businesses.