Fundamental Reproductive Rights

Floor Speech

Date: July 19, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. BROWN of Ohio. Madam Speaker, it has been more than 3 weeks since the Supreme Court ignored the constitutional right to privacy that guaranteed women could make their own reproductive health decisions. Now, States are encouraged to restrict or ban abortion and birth control.

We are now witnessing the horrifying consequences of an extreme agenda to criminalize women's reproductive health decisions, including the arrest of doctors.

Americans overwhelmingly support protecting women's reproductive rights, and I stand here today to affirm their voices and carry out their will.

Last week, House Democrats passed two strong bills to defend women's right to decide. This week, we will once again ensure progress, not regression, when we pass the Right to Contraception Act.

Far-right extremists continue to wage an all-out war to control women's reproductive rights, but we will continue to put people over politics and ensure birth control access for all.