Back-to-school season!

Date: Aug. 28, 2022
Issues: K-12 Education

Happy back-to-school season! I know it's a busy time of year for parents with school-aged children, so I'll be brief.

I'm a proud product of public schools. I owe a lot to the faculty and staff at Hopewell Valley Regional School District, who prepared me well both academically and professionally.

And ever since I was first elected to Congress, I've been an unbending voice for supporting Connecticut's public schools. But unfortunately, not every student receives the same quality education.

The achievement gap, especially in Connecticut, remains high. I've always believed that every child, no matter their income or background, deserves a high-quality, public education. And I'm fighting every day in Congress to work towards that goal.

I'm proud that Connecticut is often ranked near the top when it comes to public education. But there's still work to be done, and I'll always fight for our students and stand up for public education.

-- Jim