Recognizing Kristi Mallard on Her Retirement

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 13, 2022
Location: Washington, DC


Ms. DeLAURO. Madam Speaker, I rise as Chair of the Appropriations Committee, and on behalf of the Members of the Committee, and its staff, to pay tribute to Kristi ''Kris'' Mallard as she retires following 24 years of government service, including over two decades within the House of Representatives.

Kris began her career in the Office of Congressman Sonny Montgomery from her home-state of Mississippi. After serving at the Pentagon, including during the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Kris came to Congress as a Navy detailee in 2002 with a unique perspective. Following these challenging years, Kris left the Department of the Navy to join the House Appropriations Committee as professional staff where she has served diligently and assiduously--first on the Defense Subcommittee and later the Homeland Security Subcommittee--since 2003.

With exceptional understanding of both the Defense and Homeland Security Appropriations bills, Kris has worked on a wide range of issues that have made our nation stronger and the world safer. Her expertise has made her a strong negotiator of some of the toughest policy areas under our Committee's jurisdiction, leading to responsible investments that have strengthened our national and domestic security. Her hard work and oversight efforts have helped our government work better for the American people, and her kindness and dedication to mentoring other staffers has made our Committee and our Congress stronger.

I believe I speak for myself and all Members of the Committee in saying we will miss Kris's valuable insight and her hard work greatly, Her dedication to the Appropriations Committee and to advancing reforms to make government work better have made her an unparalleled asset. I congratulate Kris on a wonderful career. The Nation and this body are deeply thankful to her for her leadership, service, and dedication.