Not What the American People Signed Up for

Floor Speech

Date: Jan. 12, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CICILLINE. Mr. Speaker, after all the excitement over the Speaker's race last week, it was good to get down to work this week, or not.

Let's recap. The new Republican majority protected rich donors from paying their fair share in taxes, naturally, and in the process delayed working families from getting their tax refunds. Way to go.

Next up, a select committee on the so-called weaponization of the Federal Government. Nothing like a Joe McCarthy-style committee to stoke more fear and distrust of the Federal Government only 2 years after the attack on our Capitol. And then criminalizing women's healthcare, because, of course, that is why the American people gave the Republicans the majority.

The red wave the Republicans dreamed about never materialized because the American people rejected their far-right agenda up and down the ballot. Clearly, they didn't get the message.

Yet, they did nothing to tackle inflation, the biggest issue for the American people in the last election.

Mr. Speaker, this isn't what the American people signed up for. It is going to be a long 2 years if this is all they are going to do.