Some Politicians Just Don't Get It

Date: May 24, 2006
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Immigration

SOME POLITICIANS JUST DON'T GET IT -- (House of Representatives - May 24, 2006)

Mrs. MILLER of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, let me take you back to another time, 1986, and at that time, America had a problem with illegal immigration. They said we had about 3 million illegals here in the country. And in that debate, many people said that we needed to provide amnesty to those who were working here because we couldn't deport all of them and our country needed the labor.

In exchange for granting amnesty, Congress and the American people were promised that the Federal Government would vigorously enforce our border. The illegal aliens got amnesty all right, and many became citizens, even though they violated the law to get here. But the Federal Government did not secure our border. The results of that action? An estimated 12 million more illegal aliens in our country today.

Some are again calling for amnesty with a promise for stronger border controls. But the American people are not buying it again, and neither is a majority of this House. The American people and a majority of this House are demanding border security first.

And as the Who said, ``We won't be fooled again!''

No amnesty.