Rangel Hails Defeat of Anti-Gay Marriage Bill


Congressman Charles Rangel applauded the defeat of the Federal Marriage Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, saying that it was high time that Republican leadership focused on the real challenges that face the country.

"The Administration and the Republican leadership is increasingly tuning out the American public and trying to change the debate. Instead of taking us out of a war that is creating more terrorists and draining our resources, or dealing with our $300 billion deficit or working to reinforce and not destroy Social Security or trying to improve health care and not just substitute Medicare and Medicaid with health savings plans, what do they do? What do they say?

"Their answer to improving the lives of working Americans -- don't burn the flag and ban gay marriage.

"Now, I would be hard pressed to say that I knew someone -- anyone -- that ever went to sleep at night scared and terrified that some man was marrying another man or some woman was going to marry another woman. What Americans are worried are family members fighting and dying for oil in Iraq, rising energy costs, inadequate education, spiraling health and housing costs.

The fact is that the Republicans don't have an answer -- at least not one that will unite the country and or avoid bankrupting our future."