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Strengthening Our Border

Arizona has paid a heavy price for Washington's failures in immigration policy. For too long, the federal government has failed to secure our borders. Congress has refused to act in the face of this growing crisis. Our current Border Security policies are not working despite the fact that we have quadrupled the number troops on our border over the last 15 years. And Arizona is bearing the brunt of it, shouldering enormous costs for human services and law enforcement.

It is time for a new, comprehensive and commonsense solution to this problem. We need a comprehensive border reform plan that improves border security. This reform needs to include:

* increased border security by using modern technology including radar, drones and other methods of electronic surveillance.
* improved support for agents at the border with better training and equipment.
* increasing the number of border patrol agents.
* improved relations with Mexico to enforce border security and decrease the stream of immigrants with a healthier Mexican economy.

Dealing with Illegal Immigration

We need immediate action on the issue of illegal immigration. Again, Arizona is paying the price for federal incompetence. I support the bipartisan and comprehensive McCain-Kennedy plan that Congressman Grijalva and Governor Napolitano support, as the best way to tackle this difficult challenge and give us the fair immigration policy we need.

This policy must include:

* tough employer sanctions for those who employ workers who have entered the country illegally. It is wrong that the federal government stopped enforcement efforts after Bush came into office.
* more resources for Arizona hospitals and law enforcement agencies that bear the brunt of the costs.
* a viable guest worker program that meets the needs of Arizona's economy.
* no amnesty - but a path to citizenship for otherwise law-abiding undocumented workers who have been working here for years, own up to their responsibilities as new citizens by paying back taxes, and learn English.

This is a federal issue and should be dealt with by the federal government. Local law enforcement should not be asked to pick up the responsibilities of Washington, D.C.