Pearce: President's New Direction on Iraq "Deserves a Chance"

Date: Jan. 10, 2007
Location: Washington, DC

Pearce: President's New Direction on Iraq "Deserves a Chance"

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce issued the following statement tonight regarding President Bush's remarks to the nation regarding the Iraq War:

"I was particularly impressed with the frank and detailed manner in which President Bush addressed America's challenges in Iraq tonight," Rep. Pearce said. "The President clearly heard what the American people said last November. Our strategy in Iraq hasn't been working, and its time for a new plan to achieve victory. He has replaced the Secretary of Defense; he has replaced the military commanders running the war; and he has dramatically changed his prior reluctance to increase the number of troops.

"We face a stark choice - win or retreat. We can either redouble our efforts to help the Iraqi people achieve freedom, stability, and peace; or we can leave behind a cauldron of violence and hate - the perfect seedbed for terrorism.

"When I first learned of the President's inclination to send more troops to Iraq, I said I could favor such a proposal only if the commanders in the field supported it. As a Vietnam veteran, I remember how the self-appointed military experts in Washington hobbled us in that war - even to the point where we couldn't execute the timely rescue of a downed airman.

"Based on the President's past performance, I trust that his plan reflects the consensus of his military command. In fact, the commanders in the field appear to have asked President Bush to send more troops in order to implement a comprehensive plan employing economic, political, and military tools to secure Baghdad and al-Anbar Province.

"An effective new strategy must be more than just a numbers game - a fact the President clearly seems to understand. His new strategy deserves a chance to work."