Pearce Supports Stem Cell Research that Protects and Respects Human Life

Date: Jan. 11, 2007
Location: Washington, DC

Pearce Supports Stem Cell Research that Protects and Respects Human Life

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce today voted to refer H.R. 3, the embryonic "Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007" to the normal House committee process so that provisions

could be added that protect and respect human life. As presented by the new House majority with no opportunity for committee consideration or floor amendment, H.R. 3 allows the use of taxpayer money

for the destruction of living human embryos and human cloning activities. The 2nd District lawmaker voted against final passage of H.R. 3 as written due to the absence of provisions protecting and respecting human life and because of this bill's failure to recognize the dramatic potential of research using stem cells drawn from adults and from amniotic fluid.

"I support stem cell research and its significant potential to cure disease and transform lives," Rep. Pearce said. "Yet, I cannot vote for the use of taxpayer money for embryonic stem cell research that destroys and debases life itself," Rep. Pearce said. "Moreover, embryonic stem cell research hasn't met its widely touted promise. Private entities can fund such research today - but they aren't.

"Our Constitution protects life, liberty, and property - yet, we continue to redefine what life is to suit our own convenience. As scientific advancements enable us to learn more about the details of embryonic

and fetal development as well as DNA and the origins of life, our society may yet come to reconsider the path it has chosen.

"Just a few days ago, we learned that stem cells drawn from amniotic fluid hold great promise. Together with the progress being made in adult stem cell research, this new discovery gives us hope that we can

solve humanity's most vexing medical problems in a life-affirming manner. At the very least, we should ensure that taxpayer money isn't used to support human cloning."