Matheson Says Bipartisan Economic Stimulus Needed Now

Press Release

Date: Jan. 22, 2008
Location: Washington, DC

Matheson Says Bipartisan Economic Stimulus Needed Now

Congressman Jim Matheson said he hopes discussions between Congressional leaders and the White House today will lead to quick action on legislation to help blunt economic woes now facing Utah families.

Although details are still being worked out, Matheson said he hoped that some broad principles will be followed, including fiscal responsibility.

"To do the most good, top economists tell us the stimulus needs to be temporary and short-term. In particular, I want to avoid the specter of "larding" the bill with completely unnecessary pet projects," said Matheson.

Matheson said a combination of the subprime mortgage mess, a credit crunch and a housing slump—along with high gas prices—is roiling financial markets and worrying consumers. He said he is encouraged by the cooperative tone of the discussions, which began last week when Congressional leaders approached the administration about an economic stimulus package.

"The fewer controversial aspects there are to the bill, the quicker we'll get it passed and to the President for his signature. I am happy to see folks coming together in the spirit of bipartisanship, given that time is of the essence," said Matheson