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Schweikert Calls for Mitchell to Really Assist Troops

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Schweikert Calls for Mitchell to Really Assist Troops

In recent days Harry Mitchell claimed a victory in standing up for veterans as the President signed into law the Mitchell-Webb G.I. Bill while he simultaneously looked the other way when one of his chief fundraisers, Wesley Clark, launched baseless attacks on John McCain's qualifications to be commander in chief.

"It is disgusting that Harry Mitchell would reap a financial windfall from a person who would dare disparage John McCain's military qualifications," said Michael Juel, Finance Chairman for David Schweikert for Congress. "Anyone who knows McCain's plight during Vietnam cannot discount the lessons in leadership that McCain learned while imprisoned in Hanoi . Senator McCain showed resolve, character and moral fiber by declining an early propaganda-driven release and choosing to remain with other heroes like Everett Alvarez and all POWs interned there."

More perplexing is the fact that Harry Mitchell would not distance himself from the reckless comments of Clark, who has been the subject of calls from Amnesty International to face a war crimes tribunal for unfairly targeting civilians during his tenure as the NATO commander during the Bosnian Conflict.

If Mitchell is the "moderate democrat" he portrays himself to be, why would he choose to whistle past the graveyard at Wesley Clark's comments while reaping a financial windfall from Clark 's fundraising efforts on his behalf?
When asked about this situation, David Schweikert commented, "It is disappointing that Mitchell has put his political success over the well-being of a fellow Arizona congressional delegate - a veteran, someone who was supposedly the type of person he was trying to help by passing yet a new spending bill. McCain's service isn't a left or right issue. It is a lesson in resolve that should be studied by all Americans." Schweikert added; "I call upon Congressman Mitchell to reject Wesley Clark's attacks on McCain and show the sensitivity the Democrat party claims to own by disgorging any political funds raised by Clark and donating them to the Wounded Warriors Fund.